Joseph Chris Partners offers personalized outplacement solutions to fit every budget. These solutions can be for a small or medium business or a large organization. Because our niche is in the Real Estate Development and Construction Industries, we can really impact your employees the most there, by utilizing our network, knowledge, and expertise to drive business connections for them.

We do this using the latest tools to help them search for executive-level jobs in today’s competitive market. At Joseph Chris Partners our team of professionals will work with you to coach the employees in helping them to transition into their changing careers. We will show them everything, from interview coaching to the most successful job searching techniques, writing professional resumes and searching for their new position. We support your transitioning employees in every way possible to help them be equipped for the future.

In order to help your employees with the transition, we offer:

  • Transition and Career Coaching
  • Resume Writing & Development
  • Skills, Personality and Projected Performance Assessments
  • Interview Preparation per Position
  • LinkedIn Branding and Professional Photograph Assistance and Selection
  • Networking Techniques
  • Job Lead Empowerment
  • Salary Guidance/Offer Negotiations
  • Strategic Placement Assistance and Self-Promotion Plan

Time: Employee will have access to all recruiter’s searches located on the website indefinitely within Joseph Chris Partners. Per this agreement, Joseph Chris Partners’ time commitment is as follows.

  • Initial in-person full day meeting (preferred) to review the resume, work on plan, handle assessments, branding and start the initial phases of placement assistance from Joseph Chris Partners as well as a self-promotion plan. This can be at the employee’s location or the Joseph Chris Partners headquarters.
  • A weekly call with the candidate for 60 days for follow-up on services provided, coaching and placement strategy updates. As an option, these can take place in person at the Joseph Chris Partners headquarters.
  • A 90-day final assessment of activity to Client. This can be by phone or take place in person at Joseph Chris Partners headquarters or at the location of Client.
  • A 90-day final plan to the employee for moving forward in the self-promotion process. A continuance of a career coach would be dedicated to the employee for the remainder of the employee’s career.

Joseph Chris Partners can travel per location and work with an individual or in groups. Employees also can travel to our offices for a focused work station, guidance and environment if needed. Each situation is sensitive and different therefore, Joseph Chris Partners and the client will create a custom approach or plan with each individual.