Choleric Personality Type

According to a proto-psychological theory known as Four Temperaments, there are four primary personality types that affect a person’s attitude about life in general, other people and challenges or problems that come their way. And although these temperaments do not deal with specific attitudes of an individual, the Four Temperament personality system is more of a human being’s overall attitude.

These personality types can be traced back to ancient times and were then referred to as “four humors” or four bodily fluids in a person. These fluids are the yellow bile, black bile, phlegm and blood. Each of these humors corresponds to the Four Temperaments, namely: choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine. In this particular discussion, we will talk about the choleric personality type.

Overview of the Choleric Personality Type

A person with a choleric personality is regarded as an individual where testosterone is dominant. That said, most people who have this temperament are males and if ever there will be females, occurrences are rare. Someone who can be considered having the choleric temperament is strong-willed, active, extroverted, quick-tempered and impatient. However, the Choleric is also independent, practical, confident and decisive. Also regarded as a visionary, this person is always full of ideas, a planner and goal-oriented. They are very active people, physically and mentally, athletic and seldom panic under pressure. That said, they can also seem to be unsympathetic and slow to nurture relationships with other people. Usually associated with the Fire element, the Choleric person can be egoistic. He or she wants to be in charge and is the aggressive type. This person has leadership skills and a go-getter.

What Are The Strengths Of The Choleric Personality Type?

At work, this person is goal-oriented and an optimist. He or she prioritizes results and will seek practical solutions to problems. Moreover, the Choleric employee sees the whole picture, thus making it easier to find possible solutions and use several options and techniques in handling situations. He or she is also a doer and prefers to be in charge instead of just being a subordinate. To ensure that positive results are achieved and goals are met in the soonest possible time, this person will delegate work to others.

When it comes to personal life in general, this individual is a born leader and active. He or she will work to achieve change if the situation calls for it. This person also has an innate personality to rectify wrong doings or correct someone if he or she feels there is something wrong. Being decisive and having a strong will, the Choleric type does not easily sway or bend because somebody else opposes him or her. No matter if others will go against what this person thinks is right, he or she does not get discouraged that easily. This person can survive independently and be able to provide for his or her needs because this individual is self-sufficient and confident.

As a parent, the Choleric personality type organizes the household and is the driving force and motivator in the family. He or she sets goals in the home and encourages the members of the family to work together. As a friend, this person is reliable especially when it comes to emergencies. He or she can survive with few real friends since this individual is independent. However, if this person is in a group, he or she tends to stand out and be the leader.

What Are The Weaknesses Of The Choleric Personality Type?

Since a person with this personality type is keen to see the bigger picture, he or she often tend to overlook details and analyze them, which in turn leads to quick decision-making. If this person becomes a supervisor or manager, members of the team are left with little room to make mistakes and should expect to experience rudeness at times as well as tactlessness. Moreover, since this individual is goal-oriented and expects results, manipulation is also one of the skills of the Choleric personality type.

As a parent, this individual can be over-bearing and will push children to be the best. He or she is the type of parent who is always is busy and intolerant of the kids. He or she also prefers to give tough love.

Famous People with Choleric Personality Type

1. Oprah Winfrey
Considered as one of the world’s most influential woman, Oprah is goal-oriented, dominant and strong-willed. Despite her bad experiences in childhood and her poverty, she was able to succeed in life and emerged to be on the richest woman in the world.

2. Adolf Hitler
There is no doubt this Austrian leader who became one of the most powerful leaders in the world was able to manipulate millions of people to follow him. He even assumed the title, “Der Fuehrer” or “The Leader”. He was also intolerant of mistakes and always was the right one. For him, he belonged to the perfect race.

3. Julius Caesar
A person with this type of personality is ambitious and domineering. He or she always wants to be on top, to be looked up to by others and be number one. Julius Caesar fits this type because for him, it is better that he leads the smallest Alpine village at be the first, than lead Rome but be the second. On a positive note, he was a good politician and a risk-taker.

4. Donald Trump
As one of the presidential candidates, Trump is a perfect example of the Choleric Personality Type. With all the wealth he has and the success of the Trump Organization, he was the one who made all the decisions himself with the help of few people he appointed. He is one person who does not admit he is wrong and will find it difficult to apologize. Trump can also be tactless as evidenced by the comments he had made months ago. However, he is also a great example of an autocratic leader and he is revered by most people, especially his employees.