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“Empathetic. Personable. Real. Angie Truitt worked with me through an interview process that paved the way for me to take the most promising opportunity I have had in my career, and she did it in a way that spoke to me in realistic terms. Throughout the process I felt that I was working with somebody more akin to a “career counselor” (Or perhaps even a cheerleader?!) than a “recruiter;” she understood my interests and ambitions in the essential terms. To say I owe her a million thanks for a one-of-a-kind experience would be to sell it short she got me in a position to reap the benefits of an outstanding quality of life and one just can’t assign a dollar figure to that.”

Raving Fans

“I absolutely enjoy working with Angie…She did a great job in exploring what we were looking for and then quickly finding alternatives as to where we could look. She is very fast regarding turning around things like setting up interviews, returning calls, etc. She also paid attention when I said to “bug me if I don’t reply right away”. Not only do tasks not sit on her desk, they don’t get lost on mine. That’s a benefit. The only way we could get quicker is if I gave her access to my calendar. It’s that quick. The candidates she is sourcing have been very good. The best evidence of that it the interview to hire ratio. I think I haven’t hired just one. And that was only because I was picking from two and they were both good but I had one role open.”

Raving Fans


BuilderOnline Guest Blogger Angie Truitt, from Joseph Chris Partners, writes:

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A military brat, I developed talent at an early age for developing and maintaining relationships that would later become invaluable in my career as a recruiting professional. After a short detour in retail sales management during and after college, I opted to follow in my father’s footsteps and attend law school, graduating from Baylor University in 1999. Practicing law for 13 years taught me to be a keen listener, critical thinker, and skilled communicator. It also taught me that I did not like being a lawyer.

There was too much conflict. In litigation, no one is ever really happy with the outcome. And I like making people happy.

What I offer my clients and candidates alike is authenticity, dedication, creativity, and a genuine desire to build lasting relationships. Recruiting in the real estate and construction industries has introduced me to countless talented professionals, and I enjoy learning about them, personally and professionally. My dad is proud that my law school education isn’t going to waste as I use those keen listening skills and critical thinking skills every day in every conversation with those talented professionals.

When I’m not working, I’m trying to keep up with my teenage daughter who is very involved in her JROTC program and plays tennis. We love to go to concerts and have seen countless shows together, including U2, Queen, Barry Manilow, Twenty-One Pilots, and Jimmy Buffett. We also love traveling together and making memories, and have been to NYC, Key West, Puerto Rico, and Chicago recently. My schedule with work and my daughter keeps me pretty busy, but I volunteer when I can with Hire Heroes, helping our transitioning military and their spouses with their job searches.

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