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“Erica Lockwood is by far the best recruiter that I have ever worked with. It’s very easy to send a large quantity of resumes. It’s much more difficult to send qualified candidates who would fit into an organization. And, that is what Erica does. She takes the time to get to know you, your company and your culture before providing any candidates, saving you time and money. I have worked with several other recruiting firms in the past. Erica Lockwood and her team are truly exceptional compared to any other firm I have worked with.”

Raving Fans

“Erica Lockwood is a consummate professional! Her core competencies are well-matched to her recruitment work. Erica is a communicator, and she understands the job’s requirements and the candidate’s abilities that when introduced, create the symphonic match that all employers look for. She is dependable, responsible, timely and responsive. And Erica has a deep address book of potential candidates and employers that expedite searches. I highly recommend Erica Lockwood for executive search services.”

Raving Fans

“Erica Lockwood stays in touch, is excellent on the phone, only gives us qualified candidates that meet our needs and an excellent read on candidates. I really enjoy working with her and she is always our go to recruiter.”

Raving Fans

“It’s rare you come across stand-out talent like Erica Lockwood. I have had the honor of working very closely with her on many projects in the real estate development and construction arena. She is a relationship builder and has a true passion for her work, and it shows. Her talent, integrity and a mentoring approach to her clients and team is industry best.”

Raving Fans

“I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Erica Lockwood over the last several years. Erica is the consummate professional who clearly understands her craft and clients needs. I would recommend Erica for your future recruiting needs.”

Raving Fans

“It’s been quite a pleasure to work alongside of Erica and Joseph Chris Partners. Erica has been a trusted source for Marketplace with regards to our hiring needs. As a recruiter, Erica has maintained a solid flow of quality people that match our companies profile. Erica is amazingly personable and always reaches out at the right times. It’s obvious that Erica enjoys what she does and therefore excels within. I would be more than happy to recommend both Erica and Joseph Chris Partners to assist you with your recruiting needs.”

Raving Fans

“Erica Lockwood is the consummate professional. Having worked with countless Executive Search Partners over the past 9 years I can honestly say that Erica is the most thorough, professional, and effective person in her industry. Her follow up skills and tenacity are second to none. I would highly recommend her to any homebuilding firm in need of top notch talent.”

Raving Fans


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Guest Blogger Erica Lockwood, from Joseph Chris Partners, writes:

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I hadn’t heard of Joseph Chris Partners when founder Joe Ramirez found me almost 20 years ago. Living in a small town in Indiana, I had just started recruiting when I got a call from a man who would open the door to an incredible opportunity. I joined the Joseph Chris Partners team in September 2000 and have excelled within the company and the industry where I’ve worked hard to make a name for myself as a leading executive search professional. In my current role as Equity/Executive Partner, I support company initiatives, talent development and play an active role in business development.

I enjoy building and maintaining long-lasting relationships within the residential and commercial construction, real estate and development niches. My areas of focus include C-level, President and senior level management roles within all the key industry skill sets. I have a successful track record of identifying and aligning leaders with both publicly traded and private organizations.

I believe my capacity to identify exceptional talent has contributed to my success, as has my perseverance and ability to understand each individual client’s needs. I have completed some extremely tough searches that I felt like giving up on, but I knew the right person was out there, and I was determined to find that professional! Becoming a true strategic partner with my clients has created countless long-term relationships with companies who utilize my expertise year after year.

When I’m not focused on filling client’s searches, you will most likely find me enjoying spending time with my family at our lake home, kayaking or driving around in my bright yellow Jeep Wrangler.