Executive Search for mid-level to corporate by connecting talented, experienced, full-time professionals with companies that are looking to expand or upgrade their work force.

Executive Temp Search by connecting contract professionals with companies seeking expertise in temporary roles.

Cost Controlled – Partial Search for companies that have the internal resources to handle part of the process in recruiting professionals.

Detailed Assessment on professionals going through the interviewing process which includes attributes, strengths, weaknesses, reference checks, evaluation related to “must requirements” from clients and additional reports on project oversight.

Outplacement to coach the employees in helping them to transition through their changing careers.

Connecting Firms with Consulting Companies that are specialist in areas specific to our clients’ most pressing operational and strategic needs.

Connecting Buyers/Financial Partners to projects/companies that would have interest in joint ventures or possible sale.

Connecting “A list” Projects with a Private Lending Entities to get projects back on track.

Connecting Suppliers with residential and commercial builders.

• Assisting in the Evaluation of Compensation that is in sync with today’s market and specific to an employee’s tenure, education and background.

Managing companies’ Internal Recruiting when your operation lacks adequate resources in the HR department.

• Presenting you with “Big City/High Volume Talent” that will consider secondary or tertiary markets.

Sharing our Knowledge of Strategic Changes being made by similar companies due to current market conditions and revised projections.

• Providing Background Checks along with Degree Verification(s).

• Developing Position Descriptions, Organizational Development & Structuring, Interviewing Techniques, Cultural Assessment and Turnover/Retention analysis and Surveys.