Harvey and Irma’s Impact will be felt by our industry for a long time

Sitting on the sidelines in a safe, dry, place was, believe it or not, no easy task for me during Hurricane Harvey. Our Corporate Offices in Kingwood, Texas, are out of order for months to come, and concern for family, friends and co-workers dominated my daily thoughts. Luckily, everyone at Team JCP was safe, and although getting back to work with no office is an adjustment that has been challenging in many ways, it’s a challenge Team JCP can handle! We are 40 years old this year after all….

On top of all of that, being in the industry ourselves, we are seeing clients and friends that have been devastated in both Houston and Florida. We have yet to know Irma’s real impact on Florida right now but many will face difficulties for a long time.

Apartments in both markets are sure to fill up fast. Brand new homes that have been lost are going to be terrible burdens for both builders and homeowners. And the demand for remodeling in all sectors–single family, multi-family, retail and commercial (we have fish in our 3rd floor offices)–is going to be very high, not to mention costly and most likely slower than anyone would like, just to be sure things are done properly and safely. Standing water and electricity don’t exactly mix. “Tough and Dirty jobs” as Mike Rowe would say, but jobs that will be in very high demand in both markets for a long time to come with money to be made.

Team JCP stands at the ready for our clients and candidates. Together we will work hard to turn things around and maybe, just maybe, bring the country closer together while we are at it. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful ending?!


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