Melancholic Personality Type

People have different coping mechanisms. They react differently on a given situation. Others may be quick to anger while there are those who do not crack under pressure. Have you ever wondered why human beings have varying reactions? These are normal occurrences because people do not have similar behavioral tendencies or what is traditionally called as temperament.

Human behavior or how people respond to stimulants or stressors can be affected by gender, environment and society. However, according to experts, human traits and tendencies are greatly influenced by the Four Temperaments which can either be melancholic, sanguine, choleric and phlegmatic. Of the four temperaments, the Melancholic Personality Type is the conscientious, thinker and pessimistic one.

Overview of the Melancholic Personality Type

The Melancholic personality type of person is considered to be introverted, analytical, logical and private. He or she relies on facts instead of speculations. This type of person is cautious and a bit slow when it comes to responding to others because he or she can be skeptical and suspicious. Not as confident as the individual who has a Choleric Personality Type, the Melancholic person worries about how other people feels about his or her work.

So, being a perfectionist is one of the traits attributed to this individual. And unlike the unsympathetic choleric, the Melancholic Personality Type can be moved to tears because of compassion for another. Being organized is also common among these types of people and at times when they seem to have clutter around them, they know where to find what they need. The Melancholy prefers to get feedback and be reassured. He or she also wants to be told the reason behind having to do something. This person can also be fond of asking questions over and over again because of the fear of making the wrong decisions. That said, this individual is not a risk-taker and does not want to be regarded as incompetent.

What Are The Strengths Of The Melancholic Personality Type?

Generally, this person is reflective and deep. You will find a melancholic person deep in thought. This individual is known to have the tendency to dwell on things of the past. Moreover, he or she is not one who jokes around and is often considered as the serious type. He or she is not fond of superficial things. This person is also talented, creative and artistic. This individual can also be passive and a conformist, making him or her unassertive. Being an introvert, he or she will not be too comfortable being in a large crowd or group of people.

As a parent, a Melancholic Personality Type is organized and sets high standards at home. Since this person wants things to be in order, as a parent, he or she has the inclination to pick up on the children just to keep the house clean and tidy.

At work, this type of person is a doer and finishes tasks at hand. Since this individual is a perfectionist, he or she is organized and will stick within the schedule. Results are to be expected from a melancholic person since they are into details and are analytical.

What Are The Weaknesses Of The Melancholic Personality Type?

A Melancholic can have different moods and a leaning towards depression. Being the pessimistic person that he or she is, this individual can also have a low self-image. When it comes to circumstances, he or she also tends to remember the unpleasant events more often than the happy ones.

Since this person is a perfectionist and sets high standards, as a parent, he or she can set goals for the family and the children that are hardly reachable. Moreover, since this parent does not have high self-image, he or she will have the inkling to discourage children as well. If there are disagreements in the home, this parent will dwell on them and feel bad about them.

Although a melancholic is schedule-oriented and finishes tasks once started, this person might not be willing to take on new responsibilities and projects. He or she is also not people-oriented and may seem to be aloof with other members of the team. Since working alone is preferred by the employee with this temperament, being a team player is not one trait to be expected any time soon.

Famous People with Melancholic Personality Type

1. Vincent Van Gogh
As seen in his paintings, Van Gogh displays a Melancholic Personality Type. His colors are dark despite his love for workers and sunflowers. There are also instances in his life where he was in deep loneliness like the one where he was said to have removed his ear because he was broken-hearted. In fact, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

2. Albert Einstein
Physicist and Mathematician Einstein was a genius, not surprising since he is said to be the Melancholic Personality Type. He was a loner as a child and did not speak a word until he turned three years old. When he got estranged with his first wife, he wrote certain conditions about living together and even did so for the second time to ensure she understood these conditions, a trait of a person with a melancholic temperament.

3. Marie Curie
The only woman to receive two Nobel Prize awards, Marie Curie is the most famous woman scientist to have ever lived. She, also, has been reported to suffer from nervousness when she was younger and had bouts of depression in her adulthood. Curie was also reported to have overly disciplined behavior which can be correlated to not wanting to commit mistakes.
4. Audrey Hepburn
An icon in the movie industry and well-loved by fans around the world, Audrey Hepburn did not have quite a happy childhood and she admitted that she was an introvert. Despite her elegance and fame, she would rather go home and cook for her then husband Mel Ferrer. She also loved long walks with her dogs and preferred to be alone at times. Despite her beauty, Hepburn felt she was not beautiful and according to her son, she thought she had a big nose and feet.