Phlegmatic Personality Type

If you run into someone who has a phlegmatic personality type, then there is a good chance that you will feel like they are an introverted person. They might seem shy or meek. Some might even describe this personality as being “submissive.”

Although it is true that phlegmatic people do want to please others as often as they can, it is because they are receiving something in return. There is nothing more abhorrent to this personality type than conflict. They will do anything to avoid it, which means their journey is always on the path that has the least amount of resistance.

They want peace. They want people to get along. They want this so badly that they’ll even lie and tell others that they are wrong just so there isn’t an escalation in any hostilities. There is no need for fame or recognition unless it leads to the goal of a structured, peaceful life. Here are some of the other traits that are often seen in people with the phlegmatic personality type.

1. They Take Pleasure In Being Able To Follow The Rules.

This personality type hates breaking the rules. Even if they only think they’ve broken a rule or not met an expectation, they’ll still feel uncomfortable about what happen – and may even feel guilty. Whenever there is a doubt about what is supposed to be done, phlegmatics will question if the best course of action is being taken. They’ll even back out if everyone else is doing something for fear of a rule being broken.

2. They Want Others To Be Happy.

This is often misinterpreted as a lack of confidence. The phlegmatic personality type simply puts other people first. To them, this is a reflection of their love for others and their desire for a peaceful world. They are confident in how they approach people because they know what it takes to resolve conflict effectively. Each choice is based on a specific desire to create a “niceness” in every situation, no matter what the personal cost to them might be.

3. They Have a High Emotional IQ.

The phlegmatic personality type is tapped into their feelings and those of the world at large. Even in strangers, this personality type can gauge how that person is feeling and come up with an effective response to resolve a potentially bothersome situation. They don’t like to have their feelings hurt, but they also don’t like seeing other people have their feelings hurt either. Phlegmatics tend to bear the burdens of everyone they meet so that others can focus on positive feelings instead.

4. They Tend To Blame Themselves a Lot.

This is a reflection of their high emotional IQ. If they can make other people feel more peaceful, then they will blame themselves to resolve a situation. They’ll even take the blame for others when mistakes are made and say something was their fault when it was not if that makes things easier for everyone involved. They often think of the many instead of thinking of the few or the one.

5. They Are Extremely Trustworthy.

Phlegmatics firmly believe that their word is their bond. If they make a promise, then they are going to keep it. Anything less would be offensive because it would be breaking the rules. This is because this personality type sees traditions or societal expectations as rules just as a company sets policies and procedures.

6. They Will Defer Decisions To Others When Possible.

This comes back to the need to create peace in the world today. Instead of having people become offended by a decision they have made, they’ll let others make the decisions that are needed so they can address the emotional needs of everyone else. This makes it seem like they are followers, but in reality they are the ultimate leaders because they defer decisions to others so they can focus on their strengths – which includes the emotional development of other people.

7. They Prefer To Spend Time Alone.

Netflix and chill is the attitude you’ll often find with this personality type, but they have no problem doing that by themselves. They don’t mind be social with a tight-knit group of friends, but their preference is to have a life that has a minimal level of surprise to it. Crashing on the couch alone with their cat or dog is just as fun as anything else they could be doing.

The phlegmatic personality type seeks to create moments of zen in a hectic world. Although they often seem laid-back and look to avoid conflict, they will do whatever it takes to make sure the rules are being followed so that everyone has a fair shot at success – even if that means they take away their own chances to chase a dream.