Reasons why EXCLUSIVITY is in the CLIENTS’ best interest:

1. Exclusivity means the Client will not receive the same candidates from different agencies. 2. The Client will get the Firm/Recruiter’s full commitment. The Client may think they will get more effort when the position is in competition but what really happens is a short burst of energy and then interest wanes as the recruiter’s […]

Accepting a Counteroffer = Career Suicide

A counteroffer may be both tempting, appealing and flattering. But in the end; more often than not; those who accept them come to regret their actions. Here are some reason’s why NOT to accept a counteroffer: 1. When a person quits; a company loses money and the manager looks bad. A company would rather offer […]

Top Annoying Habits at Work

It is easier than you think to rub people the wrong way, even when you are sitting at your desk minding your own business. The biggest part of many jobs is to collaborate effectively with others and that is tough to do if your co-workers and supervisors find you annoying. 1. Being unprepared – Showing […]

San Antonio Solar Boosters, Lennar and KB Home

From Posted on: August 22, 2011 Source: San Antonio Express-News Of course the buyer of a new luxury home can consider installing solar panels. Why not? But for the first time in San Antonio, solar panels are becoming an option for homebuyers at an affordable price point, and in the kind of new homes […]

You Lost Your Job, Now What?

You are well educated, you have years of experience and you are even bilingual, but you just lost your job. Unfortunately, lay-offs and job loss are the norm now a days, even at the top. How you handle it in the aftermath could shape your career for years to come. Day 1 – Do nothing! […]

Staying “Sane” at Work

We all deal with annoying co-workers, rude clients/customers and office politics. Remember these simple tactics for rolling with the punches, instead of throwing them! 1. Tune out: Limit your exposure to office drama. Close your door, plug in your iPod and put your headphones on and stay focused on your work. Take a walk, read […]

Congratulations Challenger Homes & New Home Star!

Challenger Homes, New Home Star Take Top Market Share in Colorado Springs PRWeb – 10 hrs ago Rapidly expanding Colorado builder and sales management partner hit milestone. Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) July 28, 2011 Through the midway point of 2011, Colorado Springs-based, Challenger Homes has a good reason to be confident. For the first time […]

Tips for Staying Happy at Work!

So you think you can’t take it anymore and you are ready to move on…well if it is greener work pastures you are looking for…stop and try these tips for staying content at work…start with yourself and your outlook! 1 ) Focus on the positive – we create our own mind-set; identify the things you […]

Home building jumps in June after dismal spring

By DEREK KRAVITZ / WASHINGTON – Builders broke ground on more single-family homes and apartments in June, helping the battered construction industry gain a little life after a dismal spring. The Commerce Department said Tuesday that builders began work on a seasonally adjusted 629,000 homes last month, a 14.6 percent increase from May. Still, […]

Tips for Hiring Great People

Finding “great” people who can transform your company is difficult even in our current economy. One would think that with all the people who are unemployed that it would be a “piece of cake” to hire that “perfect” person but it is challenging at best. They need to possess the same vision, fit your culture […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Resume

Resumes are marketing documents and who better to market yourself than YOU! Do: 1) Put you jobs in reverse chronological order 2) Move your education to the end of the page, unless you are a recent graduate 3) Use numbers to tout your accomplishments i.e. Responsible for $1 million budget, Manage staff of 20, Produced […]

How to Ace a Phone Interview

1) Be on time and be as diligent on the phone as you would be in person 2) Hide distractions – Turn off your computer, remove reports, books and magazines or any other alluring visuals in sight. Silence background noise – TV, radio, kids and co-workers 3) Be personable – Because your face can’t be […]

Happy 12 Year JCP Anniversary Gustavo Zapata!

Please join us in wishing Gustavo a Happy 12 year Anniversary with Joseph Chris Partners. Wow 12 years! Gustavo has kept our technology safe and up to date, helped us with improvements and efficiencies, and is a quick reactor to many sales professionals whom always have urgent needs . Words that best describe Gustavo are […]

Happy 9th JCP Anniversary Claire Spence!

Please join me in wishing Claire Spence a Happy 9 year Anniversary with Joseph Chris. Since her start she has brought in $2,511,352.00! Starting out as a part-time recruiter, being initially trained by Darrla she has come a long way! I remember having to plead for more days…. I knew she had what it took […]

What Successful People Do Before Breakfast

Mornings are crazy at best in most households. Everyone is focused on what they need to do and lose track of time before getting out the door. People who keep time logs have noted that they have 60 – 120 minutes that are not used productively from the time they wake up and actually start […]

Allan Merrill Named CEO of Beazer Homes

Source: BIG BUILDER News Publication date: June 13, 2011 By BB Staff Beazer Homes USA, Atlanta (NYSE:BZH) early Monday abruptly announced that Ian J. McCarthy, the company’s president and CEO, had left the company. He is succeeded by CFO Allan Merrill, who was named president and CEO. The company said only that McCarthy “is leaving […]

Congratulations Jim Evans and Sevan Multi-Site Solutions!

Congratulations to Jim Evans and with a group of his friends/colleagues, founded a company called Sevan Multi-Site Solutions. Their team decided to pursue a partnership with a widely respected construction company called Balfour Beatty Construction and together they formed a new venture (Balfour Sevan) to jointly pursue multi-site program management. Balfour Sevan will serve the […]

10 Most Common Resume Mistakes:

1. Spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes. They tell an employer that you do not pay attention to details. 2. Using colored paper. It can make the text difficult to read and is distracting. 3. Too much information. Tailor your resume to fit the position you are applying for. 4. Using buzz works like “results oriented”, […]

Happy 34th Birthday Joseph Chris Partners!!

Today we celebrate yet another milestone for Joseph Chris Partner’s – our 34th birthday! This would not be possible had it not been for the vision and dedication of Joe and Victoria Ramirez who built the foundation of our success today. As with any success we would not be here today had our clients and […]

Four Great Builders to Watch!

Four Builders. Same Story. Similar choices beget singular successes. By:John Caulfield Great minds think alike, the saying goes. So it’s not surprising to discover common threads that connect the recent successes of the four regional builders we profile on the following pages. All of them have refreshed and edited their house plans within the […]