We are World Champions, and we are #HoustonStrong

I have tried to like baseball several times in my adult life. People have tried to make me like baseball several times in my adult life. I got quizzed on baseball trivia and forced to play in a fantasy league to make me pay attention to games.

(NOTE: I saw Keuchel pitch his first game ever with the Astros and added him to my roster, and I picked up Correa later in the season when he got called up).

But nothing ever made me care about the game.

Nothing until I watched this team.

As everyone in Houston and, by now, the country, knows, there’s something special about this team. They play the way I imagine the greats once played: with heart, and not for a big, fat paycheck.

Not that they don’t deserve the big paychecks.

But they play because they truly love it. They never give up because they can’t. From the first post-season game I saw to Game 7 last night, I always felt that they were doing it for us. For Houston.


And everyone felt the same way.  Friends and family, our own JCP Team, everyone was texting, calling, sharing pictures and excitement on social media!  Even friends outside of the city and state, our own midwestern office was up late right alongside us, cheering on this team!!

world series champs
When a team is able to mobilize an entire city and beyond, bring the never-before-cared-about-baseball people, like me, out in droves to buy orange and blue and to schedule their lives around games, that team is once-in-a-lifetime special.

So even though I’m a new fan, I’m celebrating this win today alongside everyone else in my great city.
My first act is finally throwing my lucky shirt in the washing machine. And I’m headed out at lunch to see if the lines at Academy have gone down yet. I need one of those hats to wear to the parade Friday. And then I have to track down the lady at my nail salon who told me yesterday she was the reason they lost on Tuesday. She had been eating pizza the last two wins, and Tuesday, she had a Caesar salad. So she was getting pizza last night to make sure we won. I’m guessing she got her pizza, and I want to give her a hug for helping us bring that trophy home.

To the most amazing team in the world…y’all stole our hearts, you captured our imagination, you allowed us to dream and hope, you reaffirmed our faith in the goodness and purity of the game, you inspired countless kids and kids at heart, you never stopped trying, you made us so proud, and you will be a long-standing symbol of what makes us #HoustonStrong.

We love you guys!!