11 Best Jobs for ISTP Women and Men

People typically don’t choose careers or jobs based on the type of personality they have. But it would be of immense help if they do. It has been observed after relentless, expansive and continuing research that people with a certain personality suit a particular job or jobs better than others. Not only does a person benefit from such a career choice because he or she fares better than others but the profession too benefits from a person with suitable or appropriate personality needed for the jobs.

There are sixteen personality types as recorded by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. ISTP is one of those classified personalities.

Jobs for the ISTP

The best jobs for ISTP women and men are those where they can use their skills but not within the confinements of traditional workplaces. They like to enjoy a great deal of autonomy and that is when they perform best. The best jobs chosen by ISTP women and men are:

1. Forensics/Pathology
2. Computer Programming
3. Engineering
4. Mechanics
5. Carpentry
6. Detective/Police
7. Drives
8. Athletes
9. Pilots
10. Motorcyclists
11. Entrepreneurs

This is not all that ISTPs are good at. They are also good at analytics, from system analysts to crunching data. The attention to detail that comes naturally for ISTP women and men make them role models in their niche. They can often get to realms that are unreachable for others. That stems directly from their rational approach to study details and how things work.

ISTP women and men would excel as carpenters and they can run their own business as then autonomy would be ensured and they would also get to use their entrepreneurial skills. ISTP women and men can be efficient commercial pilots, technicians such as a mechanic, electrician, plumber or even a roofer. They can run businesses in these niches.

ISTP women and men try to find some purpose and meaning in their jobs. If they feel that their job is not solving a problem or catering to certain needs, then they may not be satiated with their career or jobs. It is also necessary to find that balance between autonomy, ala independence, and structure as otherwise such personalities may not get anything done.

It is necessary to add a caveat that not all ISTP women and men would be equally suitable for these jobs or professions. There will be some variances in attributes of people with this type of personality, just as is the case with every other personality.

Important Facts to Remember About the ISTP

ISTP women and men are interested in detail. They are fond of getting into the mechanisms and concepts of how things work and why. Their attention to detail makes them ideal for certain careers. But they do not like to be confined within structures or norms. They tend to feel suffocated and even stifled when they are put into regimental routines. They would not only get bored in such environments but would also walk out sooner than later.

ISTP women and men are rational. They tend to look for logic in everything around them and especially in what they do. They don’t rest until they understand the logic in something and it is this analytical approach that makes ISTP women and men excellent at solving problems. When there is a need for troubleshooting or a complex scenario has to be resolved, ISTP personalities are among the best bets.

ISTP women and men get easily thrilled at new ideas and concepts but they don’t become too engrossed in them unless they can find some practicality or some tangible application of such concepts and ideas. They encourage and indulge in abstract thinking but that kind of thought process needs to find a constructive outcome for them to keep on with such a pursuit.

ISTP women and men work well when they are on the ground or when they are getting things done. They also learn the most when they are actually doing things and learning in the process. In that sense, one can say that people with this personality are not ideal candidates for conventional education or classroom training. These people live in the present and don’t trouble their thoughts with the uncertainty of the future. That prevents them from taking up visionary roles as one needs to anticipate what might happen and thus draw up some adequate plans to handle such fallouts.

ISTP women and men often enjoy quests that help them learn something new or expose them to a new experience. Their pragmatism comes in handy at highly skilled jobs and their intent to find a solution or to get the desired result makes them relentlessly persuasive.

ISTP women and men are independent. They like to play by their own rules and thus can often be laid back or may not work much at all unless being thrust into such scenarios. They are easy to deal with, they like taking risks and often have admirable self confidence, but not arrogance.