15 Strong Personality Characteristics

Personality traits represent the characteristics or qualities that embody an individual. They are the habitual patterns of one’s behavior, emotions and temperament. On the other hand, skills are the learned capacity for one to carry out specific tasks and are the talents or competencies he has to perform some tasks and accomplish things. These proficiencies can include manual, critical thinking, negotiation, technological, presentation and outdoor skills, which can be acquired through experience and training.

However, every building block of a successful career composes other elements, aside from skills, which include personality traits. When it comes to these qualities, they can help you attain success one way or another. Here are some strong personality traits that you should have at best.

1. Positive Attitude

The ability to stay optimistic will greatly help, where the first quality to attain career success is “championship thinking”.

2. Multi-Tasking Ability

Take note that you will be rarely hired to perform only a single task, especially in a small business setting, where you would be needed to come out of your designated responsibilities to do whatever is necessary. According to Ron Selewach, CEO and founder of Human Resource Management Center Inc., a talent acquisition software company, “A small business needs people who can not only tolerate chaos, but thrive in it.”

3. Enthusiasm

Possessing eager and intense interest in a subject matter or cause is an energy that would often inspire other people.

4. Strategic Thinking Ability

According to career psychologist, Eileen Sharaga, every business should have a strategic thinker. As you can see, employers would want an individual who can identify long-term goals and does not only have a future vision, but also knows how to plan to get there.

5. Ethics

The quality of having a code of sound moral principles and living by it is very important.

6. Decision-Making Skills

If you can use your own judgment and take decisive actions, you will be valuable to any company. Generally, company leaders are not always available to be involved in every minor decision, so they would search for someone who is not appalled to appropriately make critical decisions for the entire organization.

7. Goal Focused

This means that you should have the ability to be clear on the goals that you strive for not only in your personal, but also your professional life.

8. Natural Marketing Capabilities

While you are not looking to work in a specific marketing position, it is best that you think like a marketer, exhibiting assertiveness, willingness to take on risks and a sense of urgency, which are essential to any business. As CEO and founder of hiring assessment and talent management firm Caliper Corp., Herb Greenberg, said, “[Marketers] make the world aware of their capabilities in order to position the company to obtain new clients. The marketer works with the entrepreneur to take his or her vision and build the brand.”

9. Good Listening Skills

You will be able to have yourself heard by having the capacity to suspend your own agenda and empathically and deliberately let other people to be heard.

10. Cautiousness

Noting that a more cautious employee would act as a counterbalance to risk takers, CEO and founder of Seven Step Recruiting, Beth Gilfeather, said, “They are risk-averse, but sometimes, you need people to provide stability and fairness, and keep your business from taking on too much.”

11. Networked

This means that you should have a well-developed circle of influence that comprises interconnected positive relationships.

12. Independent Thinking

Though some employees would go along with everything their bosses say, which is good for a boost of ego, leaders would ultimately need members who would challenge the existing state of affairs if it means the betterment of the company. “I want people who will challenge my thinking and not be afraid to stand up for what they think is the right thing for the company,” president and COO of weight loss program Medifast, Meg Sheetz, said. “I also look for people who understand that they will not necessarily agree with every decision that the company may make, but … they have to find a way to support their teams in a unified approach.”

13. Persistence

You should be able to endure during adversity, which is a relenting and patient effort that lets you achieve your goals despite challenges.

14. Culture Fitness

Take note that every company’s culture is slightly different and is founded on different core values, which means that you should embody such values to blend in.

15. Self Discipline, Confidence and Awareness

It is important to be able to restrain and control impulses, focusing and channeling your energy on your ambitions, as well as have a firm belief in your abilities. Also, you have to understand and know who you are, including your values, interests, characters and behaviors.

How to Highlight Your Personality Traits

Personality traits can be difficult to show on a CV, so you might want to give a good insight about them during the interview. According to experts, you can use strategic storytelling to get these qualities across to hiring personnel. As what Sheetz, a successful American restaurant, told “Business News Daily”, “Sharing stories that demonstrate how you performed during an experience is extremely important to help get across your personality traits. [Discuss] how you handled yourself in a crisis, or how you showed up as a leader during a positive or negative time.” Other experts note that simply stating that you are a team player, for example, does not suffice for most employers, and rather, you have to provide a solid evidence that you have worked with a team to accomplish a goal. Also, they point out that the best way to express your personality traits is to simply be yourself, and from there, your employer (and yourself) can assess if your characteristics are fitted to your target workplace and its workers.

“If you’re a great fit, it will be apparent,” CEO of online training software company Lesson.ly, Max Yoder, said. ”If you’re not, it will also be apparent. The most important thing to remember when walking into an interview is that it is completely two-sided — you’re interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you.”


Take note that this list is not comprehensive, and there is more to add to it. But based on the strongest personality traits that one should have, this can be the greatest starting point to look into. Better yet, you can the people around you to know what they perceive to be your best qualities, which can greatly help you with getting a clear picture of what you have to offer an employer. You will be able to answer important questions that will land you the job that you have dreamed of and get on the road to success.