8 Best Jobs for ENFJ Women and Men

There are more ways than one to choose a career. Making a decision based on your personality can save you a lot of headaches later on. After all, your personality is who you are, regardless of what goes on around you. It is made up of your unique qualities, traits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Taking the Myers-Briggs test will help you discover the unique combination of characteristics that make up your own MBTI personality.

One of the many personality types are the ENFJ. These stand for Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. In a nutshell, ENFJ’s love to help other people. This is why they are well known for being supportive, friendly, considerate, organized, energetic, empathetic, and driven by a deep sense of altruism. By truly understanding your personality, you will be able to choose a career that is fulfilling and rewarding. This spares you from being miserable because a misfit between your career and your personality can affect the overall quality of your life. In the event of sudden career changes, you’ll be ill-equipped to deal with the fallout as well.

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Here is a look at some of the best jobs for ENFJ women and men are.

1. Education

Where else can ENFJ’s better help people than in the field of education? Children and adults alike need academic guidance in order to become responsible citizens and to live a better quality of life. A high school teacher, for example, helps prepare students for life after graduation or for higher education. She equips students with the lessons and skills necessary to enter the job market or to attend college.

A special education teacher, on the other hand, works with students who have a wide range of physical, mental, emotional and learning disabilities. To students with mild and moderate disabilities, she provides general education lessons. But to students with severe disabilities, she teaches them with basic skills.

2. Community And Social Service

ENFJ’s find personal satisfaction from helping others. So it’s not a surprise that they tend to get involved in various community and social services. These kinds of people are likely to thrive as a health educator, rehabilitation counselor, social worker, social or community service manager, school or career counselor, and as a marriage and family therapist. As someone who values other’s feelings and have exceptionally good people skills, they would definitely make excellent service counselors and social worker.

3. Media and Communication

Remember that ENFJ’s are creative, imaginative and highly organized. Combined with their love for new challenges, they will make excellent editors. Planning, reviewing and revising content would be easy for an ENFJ, and they would not have trouble developing content ideas or a story. What is even better is that they would not publish anything without verifying facts, as they value honesty as high as loyalty. Apart from being an editor, they will excel as a photographer, public relations specialist and manager, reporter, author and interpreter or translator.

4. Business, Management and Sales

What’s the one thing that every sales personnel, manager and business owner need? People skills. They would be dealing with people, after all, be it employees, business associates and customers. Being part of a human resource team, as a specialist or manager, for example, makes an excellent career choice for ENFJ’s. They will be involved in recruiting, screening and reviewing applicants, with a few of them possibly administering labor contracts or dealing with labor relations. They would also thrive as a sales manager, advertising and promotions manager, real estate broker, flight attendant, fund raiser and market research analyst.

5. Entertainment, Arts and Design

Being creative and imaginative can definitely help any ENFJ to have a successful and fruitful career in entertainment, arts and design. They can showcase their talent as an actor, landscape architect, floral designer, interior designer or industrial designer. The downside of such career options, however, is that criticisms are highly likely to be given, which can have a negative effect on someone who needs approval and doesn’t like to be criticized.

6. Legal

For someone who gets personal satisfaction from helping people, being a legal mediator or lawyer would make a great career choice, as much as being in health care would. Such fields may be on different ends of a spectrum, but they still give ENFJ’s an opportunity to extend a helping hand. They would surely make a career out of being an arbitrator, mediator and conciliator, helping parties resolve conflicts before they turn ugly and expensive, in the event that it becomes a full-blown legal court battle.

7. Health Care

Health care covers a wide range of fields, providing ENFJ’s plenty of opportunities to help other people. But they are likely to feel great working as a dental hygienist, speech-language pathologist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, chiropractor and genetic counselor.

8. Politician

Did you know that Barack Obama is thought to be ENFJ? It is believed that one of the reasons he won is because people rank high values like being honest, responsible, fair, loyal and capable, and he projected such an image. But because not everyone is aware about Obama’s personality type, it is believed that most of the votes he got were cast by other ENFJ’s. Whichever is the case, being a politician can be good for an ENFJ.

Other career options for this personality type are facilitator, consultant, clergy, diplomats, customer service representative, receptionist, executive assistant and psychologist.

As there are professions where an ENFJ excels, there are jobs they need to avoid as well, considering they don’t offer an excellent fit with their personality type. It is best they don’t work as a carpenter, electrician, military, power plant operator, computer programmer and engineering technician.

Keep These Traits in Mind

Strengths of an ENFJ

  • Genuine and warmly interested in others.
  • Values people’s feelings structure, organization and harmony.
  • Have excellent skills in dealing with people.
  • Creative imaginative loyal honest and enjoys new and varied challenges.

Weaknesses of an ENFJ

  • Tends to be insecure, requiring approval from others to see you good about themselves.
  • Extremely sensitive to criticism.
  • Extremely dislikes logic and analysis that are impersonal.