8 Best Jobs for INFP Women and Men

People typically don’t choose careers or jobs based on the type of personality they have. But it would be of immense help if they do. It has been observed after relentless, expansive and continuing research that people with a certain personality suit a particular job or jobs better than others. Not only does a person benefit from such a career choice because he or she fares better than others but the profession too benefits from a person with suitable or appropriate personality needed for the jobs.

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There are sixteen personality types as recorded by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. INFP is one of those classified personalities.

Jobs for the INFP

INFPs don’t just look at the financial rewards of a job. They look at the larger impact and if the job is in adherence to their values or standards that they have set for themselves. If they don’t feel that a job is having a positive impact or is helping in growth and development of any sorts, then they are likely to be unhappy and may end up quitting sooner than later.

INFPs are driven by a sense of purpose. They want to do something meaningful and that is regardless of where they are and what they do. Not just jobs, INFP women and men also intend to make their nonprofessional acts meaningful and in accordance to a preset purpose. This makes INFP people unsuitable for many conventional jobs. The best jobs chosen by INFP women and men are:

1. Writing
2. Counseling
3. Teaching
4. Music
5. Social Work
6. Psychiatry or Psychology
7. Religious Work
8. Marketing

INFPs can excel in all kinds of writing, whether it is copywriting or fiction, technical writing or nonfiction for various mediums. Their creativity makes them good marketers. Therapy is a niche that INFP women and men can really excel in. Any kind of coaching or teaching job can be good for such personalities, whether it is teaching kids or training athletes or dancers. INFP women and men can be amazing journalists as well. It is worth mentioning at this stage that many renowned writers and journalists of various eras had or have INFP personality. Translation, transcription, diplomacy or mediation, are also suitable career options for such people.

However, it is necessary to add a caveat that not all INFPs would be equally suitable for these jobs or professions. There will be some variances in attributes of people with this type of personality, just as is the case with every other personality.

Important Facts to Remember About the INFP

INFPs are warmhearted and they are genuinely interested in others or people in general. They have strong values and hold principles and morals to the highest standards. They have a tendency to feel for others, especially when others are in a difficult circumstance, and that makes them effective in roles that require them to be of service to others. INFP personalities have a natural penchant to look forward and that in a way makes them an optimist and vulnerable to pessimism. They may be too focused on tomorrow to miss out on today.

INFPs are devoted to people they know, dedicated to the jobs they take up and they are very loyal. They also expect the same loyalty from others. People with such a personality are inspirational and creative. They are in a way obsessed with creativity and a need to grow. Such a quest or desire makes it very difficult to satiate INFP women and men. They want to grow in a positive way but they are also laid back and may indulge in endless procrastination, unless something serious happens or goes wrong severely when they would rise to the occasion.

INFPs are complicated that is made more complex by their sensitive nature. They don’t like routines or regimental work. They don’t like delving into details. They also don’t like to be a part of mainstream. They like being who they are, they are overly individualistic and crave for originality, even in their own behavior, life and the way they go about doing things. This craving or longing for originality makes INFP women and men articulate communicators as they can express well. Apart from the verbal communication skills, such personalities are excellent writers. They actually manage to express more through their writings than what they may be able to do physically.

INFPs can work in teams but they work best when they are alone. They don’t blend very well with people who don’t have the same values. They are flexible but they don’t like to be told or consistently nagged on what has to be done. Also, INFP women and men want immediate results. They like appreciation and may shell up if they are not duly recognized or rewarded.