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Good Questions to Ask As An Interviewer

Many job applicants think that interviewers have it easy; after all, they only have to sit there, ask questions, and listen to what interviewees have to say. But, if you’re a business owner, manager, or HR officer, you’ll definitely want to disagree with this assumption. Choosing the right person from tens and even hundreds of […]

How To Change Careers

Switching careers at any age, or point in your life, is not something to be taken lightly. More often than not, it entails making a huge decision that could change your life for the better or for the worse. It is normal to want to change careers even at the height of your success. Not […]

How To Answer What Are Your Weaknesses

Talking about your weakness during a job interview it’s not something you would want to do. You are supposed to be selling yourself, after all, and enumerating your negative characteristics and the not-so-good side of your personality defeats the purpose. But the question what are your weaknesses has become a cliché, and interviewers continue to […]

Keirsey Personality Types

Temperament is described as a configuration of observable personality traits, such as patterns of action, habits of communication and sets of characteristic values, attitudes and talents. Also, it encompasses the kinds of contributions that a person makes in the workplace, his personal needs and his roles in society. And as identified by Dr. David Keirsey, […]

4 Good Tips on Branding Yourself

Succeeding as your own brand these days seems a lot more convenient thanks to a rapidly changing digital world. But although the idea of simply starting a website and promoting it on Facebook or Twitter seems easy, it takes so much more than that to truly build an audience and maintain it. The good thing […]

5 Tips for Setting Team Goals and Objectives

Setting goals and objectives allows a team to determine what comprises meaningful results for them. For example, a good business day for a cupcake shop would be to sell 100 of the sweet treats in a day; and if that amount is reached or exceeded then the shop can call the business day a great […]

Creating a Selection Process for Hiring Employees

As much as companies want to keep their employees, it is inevitable that they will leave. Even an organization’s best talent will one day want to pursue a different path in their career. In other words, the hiring process is an event that every company goes through. The goal of every hiring process is to […]

The Best Rewards Systems for Employees

Many managers and business owners are divided into two major groups: those who don’t believe in rewarding their employees and those who know the importance of giving rewards but don’t know where to start. If you belong to the first group, you have to realize that recognizing your staff’s efforts is important if you want […]

11 Great Ideas for Staff Development

In a highly competitive industry, it is of utmost importance to have efficient and competent employees. While some business owners are also aware of the relevance of having engaged and enthusiastic workforce, they are often limited when it comes to what options they have to improve the performance of employees and gear their businesses to […]

How to Communicate With Your Employees

Many business owners have a vague idea of the importance of good employee communication. However, not all of them have a concrete understanding of just how essential this factor is to business success. If you’re one of these entrepreneurs, you need to take a close look at how you communicate with your staff and make […]