Joseph Chris Partners has over 40 years of Real Estate Construction and Development expertise and professional connections. We have cultivated and perfected a 360-degree approach to professional coaching that gets results. Our proprietary process identifies career gaps and creates the actions needed to close those gaps quickly and efficiently.
You may be wondering when the right time is to hire a Career Coach. We get this question a lot, if you find yourself:

  • ready to move to the next level in your career,
  • at a career crossroads,
  • just starting out and unsure which career path to take,
  • interested in pursuing a new professional passion,
  • thinking about leaving your job but aren’t sure, or
  • not getting the professional results you want.

If you can identify with any of these scenarios you came to the right place. We are here for you and prepared to help you get results, fast. We work with all levels of professionals in varying stages of their careers and budgets. Here are a few of our most requested coaching services:

  • preparing for a big interview,
  • negotiating salary or job offers,
  • social media networking and personal brand building,
  • resume writing that gets you past robots and ATS (applicant tracking systems),
  • career planning and strategizing, and
  • self-promotion plan creation and execution.

To learn which individual services we offer the best fit your needs, fill out the form below and the Director of Career Coaching will contact you within 24 hours.