6 Best Jobs for INFJ Women and Men

In the personality traits, INFJs are introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging. Although they fare well in terms of relationships, finding a job can be a bit difficult for them. Not because they don’t perform well, but because they need to find meaning and fulfillment in their career to even feel happy about it. This makes finding the right job quite challenging for them.

As it happens, a majority of jobs these days are focused on material and monetary gain, power, status or different levels of achievements, factors that rarely matter to an INFJ. For such personalities to find satisfaction, they need to see value and meaning in what they do. Most of them also seek creative freedom in developing and implementing a vision.

1. Health Care

Careers in health care allow INFJs to realize their dream of bettering human conditions. Working as a physical therapist or medical researcher may not fall under humanitarian causes, but it still brings out their deep caring for other people’s welfare. This is also one department where they can showcase their enjoyment for sciences and put it to good use.

They would also find fulfillment in alternative health, where they can choose to be a chiropractor, acupuncturist, yoga instructor or massage therapist. Although not as intense as other careers in health care, alternative health still fulfills a particular requirement of INFJs — helping others relax and find happiness.

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2. Counseling and Social Service

As previously mentioned, INFJs can establish a personal relationship with ease due to their empathetic nature, despite not always naturally engaging with people. Combined with compassion, insightful thinking and effective listening skills, they are sure to make great counselors, social workers, clinical psychologist, speech pathologist or a clergy.

Being a child care counselor provides INFJs an environment to showcase their ability to solve problems based on their keen observation. Considering that child counseling involves dealing with at-risk kids with different personalities and coming from different paths of life, this kind of job is definitely attractive to INFJs.

Spirituality is important for INFJs, as this is something a lot of people may be missing in their lives. This makes being in a religious position quite fulfilling for such personalities. They don’t even choose to become a clergy or pastor for any reason other than to make a real change in someone’s life.

3. Education

Standing in front of a room full of children may be an unfamiliar and, probably, uncomfortable setting for INFJs, as it is more of an extraverted activity, but the idea of helping children grow to become responsible adults is what lures INFJs into the field of education. However, they prefer to work with smaller groups or one on one.

As a special education teacher, for example, INFJs are able to help students with a wide range of physical, learning, mental and emotional disabilities. Apart from teaching basic skills, special education teachers also work to make various subjects adaptable to the needs of a student, making an INFJ’s work more challenging.

4. Business and Law

Although not typically outgoing, INFJs still pay a role in the business world. In fact, they make this cutthroat arena more human. Their skills and personalities, however, are best suited on limited areas.

As an HR officer or manager, they can ensure the welfare of employees, guaranteeing that their rights are respected and they are provided the compensation and benefits they deserve. They can also effectively develop programs and initiate change that can improve working conditions. They would also fare well as a corporate trainer.

What about being a small business owner? INFJs are sure to thrive in this area, as they have can have control over a lot of things, from creative input to operating styles. Although they can work in a corporate setting, being under someone else’s supervision can prove highly stressful for INFJs. Even if running a business has its own stressors, it is nothing that an INFJ could not handle. As long as they are calling the shots, they are quite happy to be a business owner.

In the legal department, they will find a career as an environmental attorney and legal mediator very rewarding.

5. Independent Contractor

Apart from being a small business owner, working as an independent contractor also allows INFJs to be their own boss and, most especially, follow their heart. Still, the job involved must give them an opportunity to help someone or a chance to change someone’s life.

6. Arts

Where else can INFJs enjoy creative freedom than in various areas of arts? This is one arena where they can express themselves through creative language.

INFJs can be an effective writer, what with them being an eloquent communicator. They will be able to convey the message loud and clear and, if they do take a stand on a particular point, they will be brave enough to write about it. Such personality can also typically create meaningful and intricate fictions.

They would also fare well as a musician, photographer and an artist because they are very in tune of their emotions, enabling them to add depth and meaning to their artistic pursuits. What they would find challenging, however, is putting their creations out there.

Other creative careers they can pursue include a librarian, curator, interior designer, graphic designer, editor, animator and an editor.

Distinguishing Points of INFJs

  • Aims to better human conditions, focusing more on humanitarian causes.
  • Dedicated, helpful and principled in whatever they do.
  • Driven by lofty ideals, with the capacity to turn their ideas into reality.
  • Organized and prefer to complete projects orderly and properly.

Least Popular Jobs for INFJ Women and Men

While INFJs can succeed in any occupation, there are some career options that could spell bad news for them. Jobs that require them to step out of their natural preferences can prove highly stressful and draining. These include as a farmer, engineering technician, electrician, firefighter and police officer. Although most of these professions offer an opportunity to help others, there are certain aspects that make them less appealing to INFJs.

6 Best Jobs for ENTP Women and Men

Whether you are at an age when you are trying to find out if you are moving along the right path or a young adult trying to find your place in the world, it is important to understand yourself and your personality traits that will have an impact on your probability of success at certain careers. You should know what is really important to you, understand your strengths and weaknesses, and seek awareness of what you truly value. By doing so, you will be in a good position to choose a job or career that can give you great rewards.

If you belong to the ENTP personality type, you are fortunate enough to have a wide range of capabilities. Most probably, you will do good at anything that captures your interest. You are likely to be successful in various careers. Considering this fact, you should choose a profession that gives you a lot of personal freedom to use your creativity in generating new ideas and solving problems. Take note that your personality traits would not make you completely happy if you are put in a position that is confining and regimented.

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Based on impressions of jobs or careers that would perfectly fit an ENTP, we provide you a list of suitable fields of profession.

1. Sensational Careers

If there is anyone who is capable of succeeding in a sensational career, such as inventing, philosophy or science, it is going to be an ENTP. It is not that difficult to explain why such an individual is a natural in these fields, but the key for an ENTP to succeed here or in any field is his/her need of space to let their ideas breathe. Any type of work that requires monotony, repetition or confined thinking is ultimately going to limit an ENTP’s most valuable skills.

In fact, many famous thinkers and inventors were ENTPs, such as John Adams and Alexander the Great, and these people are most successful when they are allowed to venture out on their own. This is why they are interested in sensational careers, such as analyzing and developing, despite the risks involved. ENTPs would just follow their own ideas without inhibition and can build a work environment around themselves.

2. Arts And Minds

One area of interest among ENTPs is the field of arts and minds. For the arts, it is a natural choice, as it provides more or less infinite room for creative thinking. Careers in photography, journalism and acting are mostly preferred by those in areas, such as studio and visual arts, as well as creative writing.

What about the “minds” part? Well, there is definitely art to psychology and psychiatry. Needless to say, the act of meeting many people, having deep conversations and building relationships is highly appealing to ENTPs. Also, take note that these individuals’ natural appreciation of knowledge, logic and innovation comes together with diagnosing, treating and helping patients.

3. Engineering and Law

People who belong to the ENTP personality type, or at least those who can focus their energies on the present for longer periods of time, would make outstanding engineers and lawyers (as well as other related professions). These careers require a mind that can think creatively and can grasp the bigger picture, while also scrutinizing the logistics of how to get from point A to B.

Compared to sensational careers, engineering and law perhaps have an edge because they involve a more prominent element of human interaction. Take note that science can get awfully lonely, which is one major cause that an ENTP’s ambition is derailed.

But though engineering and law require collaboration, they would also necessitate ample space for individual exploration.

4. Realistic Careers

People with “Realistic” interests would prefer physical and hands-on jobs, such as tasks related to computers, electronics and construction. Research even suggests that the Myers-Briggs S, T and P types are somehow more inclined to “Realistic” work than are N, F and J types. Belonging to the “Perceiving” type, ENTPs prefer such filed than ENTJs are. Many of them love being physically active and enjoy being outdoors. Realistic careers that are good for them include architecture, archeology, computer science, systems analysis, environmental science and software design.

5. Enterprising

This domain mostly involves the promotion of ideas, products and services. Given that ENTPs tend to be assertive, persuasive and competitive, they would do well here. Typical enterprising careers include business, management, marketing, sales, law, politics, journalism, public speaking and insurance.

Many ENTPs really find entrepreneurship an attractive career option, which grants them the freedom and autonomy they desire, without the strictures that exist within organizations. Entrepreneurial ENTPs may also try their hands on a variety business ideas involving art, such as photography, graphic and web design, self-publishing, freelance writing or journalism and blogging. With the combined Ne-Ti functions, they can easily do strategic marketing of their work. Suggested enterprising jobs for ENTPs include motivational speaking and public relations.

6. Investigative Careers

Considering that ENTPs enjoy working with ideas, facts, data and theories, they are fitted in the investigative domain, which incorporates scientific, analytic and academic interests.

As many of these individuals find the hard sciences, such as chemistry and physics, too demanding in the way of attention to detail, patience and precision, they would be are more apt to find interest in social sciences, such as economics, history, sociology, anthropology, geography, political science and psychology. Those with the “Investigative-Artistic” interests may also pursue philosophy, religion or other interdisciplinary fields, like peace and environmental studies. Generally, ENTPs would find investigative careers, such as theoretical physics, mathematics, environmental science, stock trading and other social sciences, worth exploring.


This list is meant to be a starting point, instead of serving as an exhaustive one. Remember that this does not offer some guarantees that any or all of the career paths listed here will be perfect or appropriate for you. Nevertheless, it provides you a set of well-informed data that can help you choose a profession that would most probably work for you.

5 Best Jobs for ENFP Women and Men

Sometimes, personality tests are handed out to job seekers to determine where they fit in. Career development professionals also use tests like these to help clients make better decisions about their career. Even for those already hired, employers also issue personality tests to know who they employ a lot better and maybe guide them to a better career path.

One of the most popular personality tests available is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In fact, you yourself can try free examinations available on the internet. Just know that your results may differ with each site that you visit.

MBTI is the brainchild of the mother and daughter team of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. They based their own model on the one set by Carl Jung. While Jung’s featured eight types, the Myers-Briggs model totaled 16 with the ENFP type being one of those.

Because of the creative streak, ENFPs love expressing themselves to benefit others. They approach their work with vision and inspiration and seek to explore possibilities for themselves and other people. Tasks that call for solutions that are imaginative and original are what ENFPs thrive in as they relish taking on creative and people-centered work.

Being motivated by their belief in humanitarian causes, an ENFP personality seeks work that is consistent with their values. In particular, they enjoy helping other people develop as individuals. They also tend to choose careers that give them the freedom to pursue ideals such as personal growth and artistic expression.

Routine work is something that ENFPs don’t fancy. Instead, they choose to have their own schedule and become annoyed with regulation and mundane details. What drives an ENFP is their lust for fun, novel tasks that allow them to unleash their imagination and at the same time, relate to others in a way that is unstructured and supportive.

An ideal work environment for an ENFP type is relaxed and friendly with little restrictions on creativity. As such, the ideal job for ENFPs are those that allow them to follow their inspirations, satisfy their curiosity and develop solutions that benefit people in innovative and original ways.

1. Writer or Author

The life of a writer revolves around crafting and developing new ideas, be it writing for books, magazines, online publications, movie and television scripts, songs and advertisements. ENFPs have a very creative streak and thinking about what people want to read is enough to keep them motivated.

2. Dancer or Choreographer

ENFPs value artistic expression and that is something that dancing and choreographing can give. The ability to create something from scratch and perform suits an ENFP personality. As such, they will also thrive in other creative pursuits such as composing music, designing clothes, crafting art and singing music.

3. Animal Trainer

An ENFP personality enjoys helping and interacting. With their empathetic nature, who better to understand animals than an ENFP? Other service and personal care jobs such as hairdressing, bartending and even waitressing suit the ENFP personality type.

4. Teacher

Teachers are highly involved in the development of a child, and given the tendency of ENFPs to want to aid in the development of a person, there’s no better venue to do so than in a teaching position. Their warm and caring nature endears them to children and allows them to be more patient with every tantrum and misbehavior.

5. Advertising and Promotions Manager

When it comes to ads, creativity is key but so is the ability to send the right message. Who better suited for the task than someone who thrives in the creation of original ideas? ENFPs are creative and love innovative solutions making them well suited for a job in advertising and promotions.

ENFP: A Brief Overview

ENFP personality types are people centered and love the idea of creating. They also tend to focus on possibilities and have an enthusiasm for ideas, people and activities that is contagious. ENFPs are energetic, warm and passionate and as such, they love to help others explore their creative potential.

Agile and expressive communicators, ENFPs use their wit, humor and language mastery to come up with stories that are engaging. They have a strong artistic side thanks to their imaginative and original nature. ENFPs are drawn to the arts because of their ability to come up with inventive ideas and their want for creating a deeper understanding of the human experience.

ENFP Characteristics

Those who fall under the ENFP personality are described as charismatic, creative and enthusiastic.

With the MBTI, these four key areas are looked at:

  • Extroversion and Introversion
  • Sensing and Intuition
  • Thinking and Feeling
  • Perceiving and Judging

From that, we can get that an ENFP personality type possesses the following:

Extroversion (E) – they love to interact with lots of people; socializing helps them feel energized and renewed.
Intuition (N) – they focus on the world of possibilities; they are good at abstract thinking and tend not to focus on the tiny details; they are inventive and have an eye on the future.
Feeling (F) – they tend to place a greater value on feelings and values when making decisions rather than logic and objective criteria; they follow their heart, empathize with others and allow emotions to guide their decisions.
Perceiving (P) – they are flexible and enjoy keeping their options open; they are spontaneous and highly adaptable to change; they aren’t too fond of routine and tend to be disorganized; they are prone to procrastinate

Based on that, we can see that ENFPs are:

  • Warm And Enthusiastic.
  • Empathetic And Caring.
  • Have Strong People Skills And Can Relate Well With Others.
  • Are Able To Think In Abstract Terms And Can Understand Difficult, Complex Concepts.
  • Needs Approval From Others.
  • Disorganized.
  • Possess Strong Communication Skills.
  • Fun And Spontaneous.
  • Highly Creative.

How to Recognize an ENFP Type

People who are ENFPs love to talk about people – facts, what motivates them, what inspires them and what they see themselves achieving in life. They are not afraid to share their own aspirations and want to hear what others dream of as well.

An ENFP is not likely to judge the dream of anyone, and they might even discuss highly imaginative fantasies with an enthusiastic intensity. ENFPs love exploring different creative possibilities and nothing collapses their spirits more than talking about dry facts or harsh reality.

Since an ENFP doesn’t seem to be in touch with their physical surroundings, they can seem scattered and are viewed as unconventional. They have a tendency to overlook details because they are more inclined to concentrate on making connections with people and exploring their own imagination and self-expression.

They may bear an artistic appearance owing to their artistic nature. Majority of ENFPs have a distinctive and quirky style.

ENFP Hobbies

  • Writing
  • Creating and appreciating art
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Listening to music
  • Participating in community theater
  • Reading fiction

Famous ENFPs

  • Bill Clinton
  • Phil Donahue
  • Mark Twain
  • Edith Wharton
  • Will Rogers
  • Carol Burnett
  • Dr Seuss
  • Robin Williams
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Julie Andrews
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Joan Baez
  • Regis Philbin

Best Jobs for ISTJ Women and Men

In his 1921 book Psychological Types, Carl Gustav Jung theorized on four principal psychological functions through which we experience the world – sensation, intuition, feeling and thinking – and that one of these is dominant most of the time. Each of these four types has one of two orientations – extroversion or introversion, all totaling eight dominant functions.

The mother and daughter tandem of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers based their own theory on those of Jung’s but with differences in expression.

Jung classified two pairs of psychological functions:

perceiving: sensation and intuition.
judging: thinking and feeling.

Sensing and intuition are both information-gathering (perceiving) functions while thinking and feeling are decision-making (judging) functions. Myers and Briggs added another dimension to Jung’s model: they believed that people preferred either their judging or perceiving function when relating to the outside world.

Their model had a total of 16 personality types and became known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Although the MBTI has its fair share of critiques, it has been used in the business world for quite some time. ISTJ (intuitive, sensing (what Jung called “sensation”), thinking, judgment) is one of the 16 personality types identified in the MBTI.

ISTJ: A Brief Overview

Those with an ISTJ personality are responsible organizers. As such, they are strongly motivated to create and impose order within systems and institutions. ISTJs tend to be neat and orderly and follow procedure for each thing they do. They are reliable and dutiful, and as such, they are intent on upholding tradition and following regulations.

ISTJs are known to be steady, productive contributors. They are rarely isolated even though they are classified as introverted. People with ISTJ know where they belong and seek to understand how best to take part in established organizations and systems. Maintaining social order and ensuring standards are met are primary concerns of ISTJs.

ISTJs crave jobs that are stable and long term enabling them to support themselves, their families and even their community. Men and women classified under the ISTJ personality look for jobs that are dependable. They also don’t mind working flexible shifts or working with different people just as long as their role is clearly defined.

Taking all that into account, these are the ideal jobs for those with ISTJ personalities:

1. Accountant

People classified under the ISTJ personality type have a sharp eye for detail, and those are traits essential in being an accountant. With this particular trait, ISTJs can spot discrepancies and be able to correct them with ease. ISTJs can also identify issues that have long been overlooked and give suggestions on how to fix them.

2. Auditor

Just like in accounting, the ability of ISTJs to focus on the details makes them ideal for an auditing job. They like working with information and enjoy observing others in order to find inefficiencies that no one else might have thought about. ISTJs relish on structure and order and can delegate roles for the team.

3. Lawyer

ISTJs make excellent attorneys because they enjoy dealing with information. In fact, any law-related profession suits people with ISTJ personality. In other words, they can thrive as paralegals, judges and law enforcement officials.

4. Military Personnel

Those with ISTJ personality value structure and the dependability of being able to serve their country. They are effective planners and would do well helping out in the field.

Other jobs that would fit with the ISTJ personality:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Doctor
  • Librarian
  • Police Officer or Detective

ISTJ Characteristics

The MBTI identifies personality preferences through four main areas:

  • extroversion vs introversion
  • sensing vs intuition
  • thinking vs feeling
  • judging vs perceiving

Based on the above, the ISTJ personality possesses the following:

Introversion (I) – addresses how a person addresses the world around them and ISTJs prefer being alone or with a small group of close friends.

Sensing (S) – called “sensation” in Jung’s mode, this refers to how someone takes in information from the environment. In the case ISTJs, they focus on details rather than abstract information.

Thinking (T) – concerns how decisions are made For ISTJs, their decisions are based on logic and objective data rather than how they feel about something.

Judging (J) – pertains to how someone orients themselves with the outside world. ISTJs love to plan and they enjoy planning out things in advance.

To sum that all up, these are the characteristics present in ISTJ personality types:

  • Detail- And Fact-Oriented
  • Realistic
  • Interested In The Present
  • Observant But Somewhat Subjective
  • Interested In The Internal World
  • Logical An Practical
  • Orderly And Organized

How to Recognize an ISTJ Type

ISTJ personalities tend to have a serious, conservative air. They know and follow rules and yearn for predictable surroundings where they understand their role. ISTJs are mostly found doing useful things even in social situations like organizing coats at a party.

Someone classified with an ISTJ personality is comfortable taking charge of a task rather than talking to strangers. They are highly dependable once given a task and follow through with that to the end.

ISTJs are persistent and hardworking, making sure they don’t give up until a task is done. They are also logical and methodical, which means they thrive in doing tasks that need them to use step-by-step reasoning to solve a problem.

With a meticulous attention to details, an ISTJ tends to examine things closely to ensure they are correct. ISTJs work systemically to bring order with a combination of straightforward logic and attention to detail. Those with ISTJ personalities enjoy games where concentration is key, such as chess. They also enjoy computer games, love watching sporting events, delight in pursuing physical fitness and thrive in playing solitary sports like golf.

Famous ISTJs

Through an analysis of their lives, work and behavior, some famous people have been described as having an ISTJ personality. They include:

  • George Washington, First President Of The US
  • Henry Ford, Inventor
  • Johnny Carson, Entertainer
  • Elizabeth II, Queen Of England
  • Calvin Coolidge, 30th President Of The US
  • Evander Holyfield, Boxer
  • Warren Buffet, Businessman

9 Best Jobs for ENTJ Women and Men

The ENTJ personality type combines traits of being Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging. Dubbed as “The Commander,” they are natural-born leaders, with a boldness and drive that may come as overbearing to some, but are actually very admirable qualities. Here is a look at some of the best jobs suited for ENTJ women and men.

1. Business and Finance

As a natural born leader, an ENTJ makes for an ideal business owner or manager. Combined with their efficiency, strong will, and strategic thinking, they’re sure to excel in various fields in business and finance, including as a budget analyst, logistician, personal financial advisor, top executives, purchasing managers, advertising and promotions manager, and personal financial advisors. When the going gets tough, an ENTJ will toughen up and strive to achieve their goals, something that will prove beneficial in the business world.

2. Sales

ENTJ’s are charismatic and inspiring, which means they can practically sell something to someone if they put their mind into it. But for them to really excel and succeed in this profession, they must have an authentic passion behind the products they represent or sell. Otherwise, it won’t be a great deal for them. Because they’re also leaders, they have the tendency to help the rest of the team reach their quota or find success. They are most productive as an advertising sales agent, sales engineer or manager, real estate broker, insurance sales agent, and securities, commodities, or financial services sales agent.

3. Architecture and Engineering

Being a planner and scientific and knowledge oriented, anyone with ENTJ personality will find fulfillment in the architecture and engineering industry. Working as an aerospace engineer, for example, would allow them to showcase their skills and knowledge in designing an aircraft, spacecraft, missiles and satellites. And because they don’t do anything half measure, expect them to be thorough in testing prototypes, ensuring they function accordingly.

Other fields of architecture and engineering where an ENTJ will excel include biomedical engineer, drafter, landscape architect, nuclear engineer, health and safety engineer, and computer hardware engineer.

4. Life, Physical, and Social Science

Another sector where ENTJ’s can showcase their scientific orientation is life, physical, and social science. Combined with their innate leadership abilities, they will surely excel as a conservation scientist. They will be passionate about whatever they do as well. The career option will also enable them to create and establish plans for managing resources and forest lands, where their organization skills will come in handy.

As historians, on the other hand, they will deal with a wide range of historical data, document and resources that will test their ability to create a structured schedule and approach to get the job done. In the field of life, physical, and social science, they can also work as urban or regional planner, statistician, geoscientist, chemist scientist, agricultural scientist and economist.

5. Health Care

Careers in health care almost always require employees to be energetic and efficient. Well, these are traits that ENTJ’s are oozing with. But because they tend to be intolerant and are poor in handing emotions, they can only work in certain areas, such as exercise physiologist, pharmacist, physician or surgeon, optometrist and dentist. This shouldn’t be viewed as bad, however. After all, such personalities develop some of the best and most suitable fitness and exercise programs as an athletic trainer or exercise physiologist, for example.

6. Construction and Production

Considering that most ENTJ’s would come off as cold and ruthless, working in the construction and production industry would fit them nicely. They can work alone, after all. Where their strengths are concerned, however, they are best suited as a construction manager, which allows them to plan, supervise, coordinate and budget construction projects. They can also work as industrial production manager and as a building or construction inspector.

7. Legal

Taking charge and being in charge are what lure ENTJ’s into the legal environment. It is also where they can push forward, but at their own pace. Where else can they have an opportunity to change the world for the better? Although being a paralegal requires extensive hours of research, the positives of the job will make the negatives go away. Other legal fields where ENTJ’s can play an effective role is being a lawyer, judge and hearing officer.

8. Public Speaker

Being extroverted, an ENTJ is basically outgoing, dominant, communicative and energetic, making them a very good and engaging public speaker. If anyone needs a presentation that is not boring, an ENTJ is what people should look for. Their ability to be precise and their being relatable are sure to help them in this field as well. Whether it is for inspirational talks or public relations matter, an ENTJ will make an excellent public speaker. Such men and women will make a great fit as a life coach and a public information officer.

9. Teacher

With them being able to easily influence others, ENTJ’s can become very effective teachers, providing children and other faculty members an excellent role model. Being a natural leader could also help in this career option. For better and bigger success, however, ENTJ individuals are best suited as a teacher in higher levels of education.

Now, which professions should ENTJ’s avoid? These include receptionist, home health aide, child care provider, craft artist, data entry clerk, restaurant host, and food preparation worker.

Keep These Traits in Mind

Strengths of an ENTJ

  • Tends to be skeptical and is exceptionally good at critical thinking.
  • Uses common sense in dealing with almost anything.
  • Encourages self-improvement in all areas of life and increased knowledge.
  • Has many dreams and ambitions.
  • Tends to finish what has been started.
  • Very particular about preparing and planning for everything.
  • Cool-headed, organized, scheduled, and structured.

Weaknesses of an ENTJ

  • Has the tendency to like themselves too much, causing them to become arrogant, narcissistic and self-centered.
  • Has a sense of duty to every word they say, causing them to have trouble expressing affection or giving complements.
  • Opinionated, stubborn, and has a tendency to have unrealistic dreams and goals.
  • Tends to be very critical with regards to inefficiency and incompetency, especially at work.

Do you think you’re an ENTJ? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you understand what you want out of a career, and what you can offer to a particular profession or company.

8 Best Jobs for ENFJ Women and Men

There are more ways than one to choose a career. Making a decision based on your personality can save you a lot of headaches later on. After all, your personality is who you are, regardless of what goes on around you. It is made up of your unique qualities, traits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Taking the Myers-Briggs test will help you discover the unique combination of characteristics that make up your own MBTI personality.

One of the many personality types are the ENFJ. These stand for Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. In a nutshell, ENFJ’s love to help other people. This is why they are well known for being supportive, friendly, considerate, organized, energetic, empathetic, and driven by a deep sense of altruism. By truly understanding your personality, you will be able to choose a career that is fulfilling and rewarding. This spares you from being miserable because a misfit between your career and your personality can affect the overall quality of your life. In the event of sudden career changes, you’ll be ill-equipped to deal with the fallout as well.

Take a look at our open positions ideal for ENFJs and submit your resume to us now.


Here is a look at some of the best jobs for ENFJ women and men are.

1. Education

Where else can ENFJ’s better help people than in the field of education? Children and adults alike need academic guidance in order to become responsible citizens and to live a better quality of life. A high school teacher, for example, helps prepare students for life after graduation or for higher education. She equips students with the lessons and skills necessary to enter the job market or to attend college.

A special education teacher, on the other hand, works with students who have a wide range of physical, mental, emotional and learning disabilities. To students with mild and moderate disabilities, she provides general education lessons. But to students with severe disabilities, she teaches them with basic skills.

2. Community And Social Service

ENFJ’s find personal satisfaction from helping others. So it’s not a surprise that they tend to get involved in various community and social services. These kinds of people are likely to thrive as a health educator, rehabilitation counselor, social worker, social or community service manager, school or career counselor, and as a marriage and family therapist. As someone who values other’s feelings and have exceptionally good people skills, they would definitely make excellent service counselors and social worker.

3. Media and Communication

Remember that ENFJ’s are creative, imaginative and highly organized. Combined with their love for new challenges, they will make excellent editors. Planning, reviewing and revising content would be easy for an ENFJ, and they would not have trouble developing content ideas or a story. What is even better is that they would not publish anything without verifying facts, as they value honesty as high as loyalty. Apart from being an editor, they will excel as a photographer, public relations specialist and manager, reporter, author and interpreter or translator.

4. Business, Management and Sales

What’s the one thing that every sales personnel, manager and business owner need? People skills. They would be dealing with people, after all, be it employees, business associates and customers. Being part of a human resource team, as a specialist or manager, for example, makes an excellent career choice for ENFJ’s. They will be involved in recruiting, screening and reviewing applicants, with a few of them possibly administering labor contracts or dealing with labor relations. They would also thrive as a sales manager, advertising and promotions manager, real estate broker, flight attendant, fund raiser and market research analyst.

5. Entertainment, Arts and Design

Being creative and imaginative can definitely help any ENFJ to have a successful and fruitful career in entertainment, arts and design. They can showcase their talent as an actor, landscape architect, floral designer, interior designer or industrial designer. The downside of such career options, however, is that criticisms are highly likely to be given, which can have a negative effect on someone who needs approval and doesn’t like to be criticized.

6. Legal

For someone who gets personal satisfaction from helping people, being a legal mediator or lawyer would make a great career choice, as much as being in health care would. Such fields may be on different ends of a spectrum, but they still give ENFJ’s an opportunity to extend a helping hand. They would surely make a career out of being an arbitrator, mediator and conciliator, helping parties resolve conflicts before they turn ugly and expensive, in the event that it becomes a full-blown legal court battle.

7. Health Care

Health care covers a wide range of fields, providing ENFJ’s plenty of opportunities to help other people. But they are likely to feel great working as a dental hygienist, speech-language pathologist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, chiropractor and genetic counselor.

8. Politician

Did you know that Barack Obama is thought to be ENFJ? It is believed that one of the reasons he won is because people rank high values like being honest, responsible, fair, loyal and capable, and he projected such an image. But because not everyone is aware about Obama’s personality type, it is believed that most of the votes he got were cast by other ENFJ’s. Whichever is the case, being a politician can be good for an ENFJ.

Other career options for this personality type are facilitator, consultant, clergy, diplomats, customer service representative, receptionist, executive assistant and psychologist.

As there are professions where an ENFJ excels, there are jobs they need to avoid as well, considering they don’t offer an excellent fit with their personality type. It is best they don’t work as a carpenter, electrician, military, power plant operator, computer programmer and engineering technician.

Keep These Traits in Mind

Strengths of an ENFJ

  • Genuine and warmly interested in others.
  • Values people’s feelings structure, organization and harmony.
  • Have excellent skills in dealing with people.
  • Creative imaginative loyal honest and enjoys new and varied challenges.

Weaknesses of an ENFJ

  • Tends to be insecure, requiring approval from others to see you good about themselves.
  • Extremely sensitive to criticism.
  • Extremely dislikes logic and analysis that are impersonal.