Changes in Hiring Operations


Changes in Hiring Operations:

We here at Joseph Chris Partners are consultants and recruiters for builders and developers working with human resource departments as well as hiring managers and corporate leaders. Through our work, we have noticed many changes to our clients’ hiring operations over the past few years.

Medium to large builders and developers have added to their internal recruiting departments for organization, professional processes, non-confidential positions and getting the word out through social media. Human resources departments want to protect the brand and reputation of the company by making sure that every professional has a good experience in the interview process so those professionals, in turn, will share positive information about the company, improving its brand. Companies of all sizes partner with respected and industry-tenured recruiters to attract talent for hard-to-fill or confidential positions. They all recognize that a bad hire really negatively affects the synergy of their company and is very costly on many fronts.

Acquisitions, organizational restructuring, and lack of communication from corporate and bonus structure revisions have all contributed to the lack of trust between employer and employee currently permeating the industry. That fear has made hiring challenging for some companies. To overcome the lack of trust, companies have turned to internal employee connections and referrals as well as third party sources like recruiters who all serve as intermediaries the candidates feel they can trust to give them the “real story” about the position, the real bonus opportunity, company culture, personality and ethics of who they report to, land positioning and financial health of the company.

To avoid making a bad hire, companies are making the hiring process more robust by increasing the number of team members involved in interviews, adding personality and aptitude testing, and including spouses and family members in the process. Hiring managers are also becoming brutally honest during conversations with final candidates to ensure there are no surprises and the potential for fall-out is minimal. Honesty in communications helps the candidates gain trust in the company, its leaders and the specific opportunity.

Thankfully, our industry has recovered nicely from the downturn. Yet, the recent rapid growth has created hiring challenges for builders and developers. Certain skill sets have become much harder to find, so companies are more open to relocating from other cities, hiring those who left the industry during the downturn to either work in a completely different field or start their own companies.

5. Companies today are more accepting of resumes that do not show tenure with companies from 2007 through 2014 due to the downturn and acquisition changes. They recognize that there were a lot of good people in uncontrollable situations.

6. Companies are attracted to leaders with recent pre-downturn experience because they know how to handle challenges, disruptions and the uncertain situations that are a part of the building and development business. They are looking for candidates who have pre-downturn experience, but those candidates must be open to new technologies, different processes, continuous learning, creativity and collaborating with other leaders in the division or company. Hiring managers are attracted to candidates who are open to learning from others, have intellectual bandwidth, curiosity, confidence to share their point of view, fit within the company’s culture, have a strong drive and work ethic, and willing to pay a price to earn credibility.

While some of the hiring processes have changed, the goal of companies in our space is the same: to find dedicated, skilled, creative, intelligent professionals who will add value and be great brand ambassadors. Even though technology has improved, allowing companies to access more candidate resumes than ever before, nothing replaces the ability to connect with people, learn what drives them, understand their career goals, and find them the right place to reach their potential. That’s what we do, and our 40 years of success in this industry prove that we do it very well. We are happy to support companies with their hiring strategies to ensure they are on the forefront of trends and changes, not left behind with outdated methods trying to catch up to their competition.

Written by: Veronica Ramirez, CEO