With over 40 years of working with professionals in the real estate development and construction industries, Joseph Chris Partners has become known as more than just an executive search firm. Company leaders reach out to us for counsel on far more than finding candidates to fill open positions. Our experienced team supports the companies in our industry with sound advice through our consulting services on everything from compensation surveys, preparing for leadership succession plans, management training, and making introductions within our network. More consulting options include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing position descriptions, organizational development structures, interviewing techniques, cultural assessment and turnover/retention analysis and surveys.
  • Connecting buyers/financial partners to projects/companies that would have an interest in joint ventures or possible sale.
  • Connecting firms with consulting companies that specialize in areas specific to our clients’ most pressing operational and strategic needs.
  • Sharing our knowledge of strategic changes being made by similar companies due to current market conditions and revised projections.
  • Connecting suppliers with residential and commercial builders.
  • Connecting “A-list” projects with private lending entities to get projects back on track.
  • Educating companies on market trends and helping to prepare for changes in the industry due to economic occurrences.
  • Making introductions to key professionals who can enhance the operations and future growth of their business.

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