Diana Scott

SVP Finance and Administration

I have been with Joseph Chris Partners since 2003, and I’m currently the SVP of Finance and Administration. A part of what has contributed to my success with JCP is my goal to view my position from the perspective of “what would I do if this were my company?” This encourages me to evaluate and act upon what I believe to be best for JCP.

One of my strengths is perseverance. I’m not sure how much of that trait is ingrained or learned, but I believe a determination for excellence drives me to results which reflect high standards. I was also fortunate to have parents who demonstrated a strong work ethic.

Growing up with a military father who faithfully served our nation in two wars, was faithfully married for 60 years to my mother, and was faithful to our family impacted my constitution today as I strive to continue his legacy of faithfulness.

When I’m not working, I spend my time with a wonderful husband, two grown daughters, a son-in-law, plus three precious grandchildren. I make it a priority to spend time each day, preferably before I begin the day, with the Lord and in His Word. I enjoy being outdoors as opposed to in and look for any excuse to do so. I am an avid “fixer upper”. I enjoy making things pretty. I think those who know me best would describe me as faithful, strong, walking with God, lover of family, a person of detail (perhaps at times excessive) and might bring attention to the difference between my parenting and grandparenting styles. I now have a much lighter side with the grandchildren – I think with age I focus more on the blessing versus structure and discipline!