Luke's Why

Partner, Director of VTS
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After high school, I left Houston for the Marine Corps. I spent four years traveling the world in the Marine Corps, and I had the opportunity to set foot in 5 countries across three continents in a year. Following my discharge, I spent a few months in North Carolina before moving home to Texas. For the last two years, I was a recruiter for a Veteran-centric Skilled Trade Apprenticeship program.

My experiences in the Marine Corps prepared me by getting me used to learning about a wide variety of topics and presenting that information in a way where it can be understood by an audience, as well as exposing me to people from all over the world, living in close proximity with them, and being able to successfully integrate and work with people of different backgrounds. My recruiting experience has taught me how to work with candidates and clients in order to help both achieve their goals.

I am a people person, and due to my background, I am used to interacting and working with people of all backgrounds, from all over the world. I also am used to developing and fostering meaningful relationships with candidates and clients.

I would describe my self as perseverant, personable, and hungry. I constantly strive to better myself and achieve goals, and I don’t let go of a target once I orient on it.

I completed a High school diploma, and then immediately joined the military. Once I left the Marine Corps, I rejoined the workforce, and have not yet attended college. I do wish to attend college in the future and am trying to evaluate what major would be most prudent.

In my free time, I like to swim, hike, fish, and hunt. I have always been a very outdoorsy individual. I also enjoy a smooth cigar on occasion.