How to Be a Good Co-Worker

When you have worked in various companies, whether big or small, you would learn to know the difference between dedicated employees, who are in for the long haul, and temporary individuals, who would move on at their chosen time. And from these groups, you will be able to identify those who keep their commitment based on the way they get along with their co-workers. Often times, they engage others in a respectful and professional manner that adheres to particular traits, which would help the company’s bottom line, as positive interpersonal relationships drive the organization.

A common strategy among company leaders these days to build employee morale is facilitating company outings and social gatherings and other mood-boosting activities that strengthen the bond among their staff members. However, these fancy and costly plans are not always applicable, and there are other simple but effective means of approach that everyone can adapt. Here are invaluable acts that you can do to maintain positive relations at work:

1. Be Cheerful And Greet People In The Morning.

If you are always plodding into the office with shoulders slumped and eyes down right before you start working, you will find yourself being ignored or, worse, avoided by your co-workers. So, get into the habit of greeting everyone with a smile as you arrive in the morning or anytime your shift starts. You will be amazed by how fast this simple act of courtesy can eliminate cold relations at the office.

2. Spread Your Good Cheer.

You do not need to have the positivity bias attitude, but it is best to try to do at least one kind act a week for a different co-worker each time. For instance, you can try to bring some muffins on a certain week for no reason and then share some humorous cards on another to add a bit of fun in the workplace.

3. Ask Others What They Think.

Remember that many people at the office would love to be asked their opinions, so you might want to go ask how they are doing or what they are missing to help them perform better. You can even offer some useful pieces of advice or just a sincere “thank you” to let them feel to let them feel that their ideas were helpful.

4. Master The Art Of Small Talk.

You can ask your colleagues about their interests, perhaps their favorite movies, books, music and hobbies, to show a genuine interest in them and make them feel comfortable around you. When it is appropriate, you can also talk about your life outside the office, which will create the impression that you are a person, and not just a co-worker or manager.

5. Avoid Gossip.

Of course, you do not want people at the office talking about you behind your back, so you should return the favor. When someone sidles up to you and bear some gossip about an impending firing or office romance, you can just respond once, change the subject or get back to work. By doing this, he/she would just move on and you will retain the respect and trust of your co-workers.

6. Generally Offer Some Compliments.

In any way that you can, you should compliment your co-workers on their achievements—probably they have stopped smoking or conquered a difficult challenge for themselves, whether it is work-related or personal. Do not be part of the circle that often focuses on what others are doing wrong.

7. Maintain Control Of Yourself When Dealing With a Difficult Co-Worker.

Do you have children? Then pretend that they are watching every time you are dealing with a co-worker who is hard to handle. This simple visualization technique can help you to keep a cool head, as you have taught your children some good manners. By doing this, you will not stoop to the level of your irritating co-worker.

8. Give Credit When Necessary.

If they deserve it, then do not hesitate to give credits to your co-workers. Otherwise, you would alienate them, and they will not be there for you when you need them the most. Build the attitude that all of you can accomplish everything together and let other people know when somebody was able to do something above and beyond the norm on a project. On the other side of the coin where someone wrongfully gives you praise and credit, then acknowledge the co-worker who is deserving of the accolades.

9. Return Emails And Calls Responsively.

To win friends at the office, you should observe good office etiquette. Remember that it can be frustrating to busy co-workers when their emails and phone messages get ignored. Also, your silence would make their tasks more difficult to finish, conveying an unpleasant message that they are not important to you.

10. Always Stay Positive About What You Do Not Know.

It is truly funny seeing workers often thinking that they are working harder than others in the company or seeing that bosses are clueless. With this in mind, do not fall to this form of toxic thinking, as it will be negative attitude that can make your work miserable. Instead, assume that everybody is working as hard as anybody else even if you do not really know what their roles are.

11. Follow Up With Your Co-Workers.

When you have completed a task that involved others, it is best to ask them if it worked for them. By doing so, you are solidifying relationships by showing others that you care.

Final Thought

Aside from those listed above, make sure you are always on time to show that you respect other people’s time and express your good ideas in a clear manner that others will be able to add theirs that are equally good. You might think that these strategies are just common sense, but they can definitely complement a workplace that is agenda-oriented, which is a purpose of any business to keep their processes and operations in a healthy and productive fashion.