Every month, we recognize our Joseph Chris Partners Rockstars—those who go above and beyond for the team and those who surpass everyone in their personal production.

PRODUCER OF THE MONTH. This award is given to the partner or recruiter who exceeds the rest of the team in production for the month. We have a lot of hard working folks here at JCP, so the Producer of the Month has really put it in overdrive to beat the rest of the team in sales, and they help drive our standards higher and push us to always deliver the best results.

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH. Our Employee of the Month Award is given to the employee chosen by the team for being amazing in some way, whether it be completing a challenging project that benefits the company, organizing an event that requires lots of extra time and effort, affecting the team’s culture in a positive manner, leading additional training, overcoming a difficult time outside of work, and just basically epitomizing the JCP Spirit.