List Of Good Buzzwords For Resume

Did you know that there are words recruiters hate to see on a resume? Words, phrases and jargons that are considered overused and abused would make your CV less desirable, resulting to your chances of getting the job being shot.

Some of the words that are best avoided include go-getter, go-to person, strategic thinker, detail-oriented, hard worker, team player, results-driven, and think outside the box.

Employers don’t want to know if you are a team player, but they do want to know how you saved company resources, money and time on a team project, or while collaborating with other members.

It’s not enough that you tell them you are results-driven, but they would prefer a list of what you have actually accomplished during your tenure.

Should you use the opposite of these words, then? Not quite. Apparently, there are buzzwords suitable to a particular career, and there are power words and phrases to go with them.

Experts suggest that you focus on transferrable skills, and then present it using action verbs.

For example, when applying for a job in communication, you should highlight the following transferable skills:
Editing, Explaining, Speaking, Listening, Writing, Promoting, Mediating, Interpreting, Influencing

When presenting these skills in your resume, use the appropriate power words. These include:
Achieved, Convinced, Developed, Enhanced, Facilitated, Handled, Performed, Resolved, Negotiated

Why Do You Need To Use These Words?

To catch an employer’s or recruiter’s attention. They too have their own buzzword, such as problem-solving, communicating clearly, showing leadership, listening, conceptualizing and negotiating.

But you can’t guess them all, right? Well, you should know that the main skills employers are looking for fall into four categories.

1. Effective Communication
Employers are looking for candidates who listen to instructions and act on them with as minimal guidance as possible. Someone who understands the first time is a real bonus. But they also want an employee who can effectively communicate both written and verbally, and who can organize their thoughts in order to present them clearly and logically.

2. Organization
Organized thoughts mean that your mental folders are neatly filed and properly labelled. This translates to clearer focus and better thought processing. In the working world, prioritizing and organizing are essential, and failure to achieve both can prove disastrous, not only to the employee, but also the employer.

3. Problem-Solving
The ability to find resolution to most job challenges, no matter how small, can be quite impressive. Employers want assurance that you would be able to overcome any challenge thrown your way, this is why problem-solving skills is on top of their list. The same skill would also help you process data, formulate a vision, make transactions and reach a resolution.

4. Leadership
Leadership is about having a strong self-confidence, accompanied by a comprehensive knowledge of the goals of an organization. With these qualities, an employee can inspire and motivate other people, providing a good foundation for teamwork. Employers aren’t just looking for staff, but future leaders as well. So you must highlight your leadership qualities.

How to Use the Buzzwords on Your Resume

Start by making a list of skills and transferrable skills that fall under any of the four categories listed above. Then, choose the appropriate power words to go along with it. Below is a list of words that you can use.

Transferrable Skills

Bookkeeping, Computing, Classifying, Collecting, Recording, Compiling, Examining, Organizing, Filing

Designing, Visualizing, Developing, Illustrating, Establishing, Inventing, Performing, Improvising, Revitalizing

Accounting, Projecting, Administering, Auditing, Allocating, Balancing, Calculating, Forecasting, Investing

Human Relations
Advising, Representing, Assisting, Listening, Counseling, Empathizing, Motivating, Guiding, Serving

Consulting, Communicating, Coordinating, Directing, Delegating, Leading, Evaluating, Planning, Negotiating, Persuading

Public Relations
Conducting, Writing, Consulting, Planning, Informing, Presenting, Representing, Promoting, Researching, Responding

Problem Solving
Analyzing, Examining, Planning, Appraising, Diagnosing, Reasoning, Executing, Validating, Proving, Recognizing

Assessing, Investigating, Evaluating, Calculating, Examining, Collecting, Diagnosing, Interviewing, Extrapolating

Adjusting, Repairing, Drafting, Aligning, Assembling, Observing, Engineering, Installing, Operating

Buzzwords / Power Words / Action Verbs

Achieved, Accomplished, Acted, Advised, Adapted, Advanced, Appointed, Altered, Arranged, Assigned, Authored, Assembled, Acquired, Addressed, Allocated, Analyzed, Applied, Appraised, Approved, Arbitrated, Assessed, Assumed, Assured, Audited, Awarded, Administered

Built, Broadened, Briefed, Budgeted

Coached, Chaired, Controlled, Conceptualized, Converted, Communicated, Convinced, Counseled, Cut, Cultivated

Debugged, Decided, Decreased, Defined, Dispatched, Delegated, Delivered, Detected, Demonstrated, Designated, Distributed, Designed, Determined, Developed, Devised, Diagnosed, Directed, Discovered, Doubled, Drafted

Edited, Earned, Encouraged, Eliminated, Enhanced, Ensured, Exceeded, Evaluated, Effected, Expanded, Empowered, Expressed, Explored, Established, Engineered, Executed

Filed, Facilitated, Filled, Fostered, Financed, Fulfilled, Flagged, Forecasted, Formulated, Focused, Founded

Gathered, Gained, Generated, Grew, Granted, Guided

Halved, helped, handled, hired, headed

Identified, Integrated, Ignited, Improved, Implemented, Incorporated, Increased, Influenced, Indexed, Initiated, Inspected, Issued, Innovated, Installed, Instructed, Instituted, Insured, Interviewed, Interpreted, Introduced, Inventoried, Invented, Invested, Investigated

Justified, Joined


Launched, Liaised, Learned, Logged, Leased, Licensed, Lectured, Led, Lobbied

Maintained, Marketed, Managed, Mentored, Manufactured, Migrated, Matched, Measured, Met, Modified, Mediated, Monitored, Moved, Motivated

Named, Negotiated, Navigated

Obtained, Operated, Opened, Ordered, Overhauled, Organized, Oversaw

Participated, Prescribed, Patented, Pursued, Perceived, Purchased, Performed, Persuaded, Placed, Published, Planned, Posted, Presented, Presided, Processed, Procured, Proposed, Produced, Proficient, Programmed, Prohibited, Projected, Promoted, Provided, Prepared

Qualified, Questioned, Quantified

Raised, Revised, Ranked, Restored, Rated, Received, Recognized, Replaced, Recommended, Reconciled, Recorded, Redesigned, Reduced, Regulated, Rehabilitated, Reorganized, Repaired, Replied, Reported, Represented, Rescued, Researched, Resolved, Responded, Revamped, Recruited, Reviewed, Referred

Saved, Supported, Scheduled, Strategized, Screened, Selected, Systematized, Served, Serviced, Started, Shaped, Shared, Showed, Sold, Solved, Sorted, Sought, Sparked, Spoke, Staffed, Steered, Streamlined, Strengthened, Stressed, Stretched, Structured, Studied, Submitted, Succeeded, Suggested, Summarized, Simplified, Superseded, Supervised, Supplied, Surveyed, Substituted

Tackled, Troubleshot, Targeted, Taught, Transferred, Terminated, Tested, Toured, Traced, Tracked, Traded, Tutored, Trained, Transcribed, Transformed, Trimmed, Translated, Transported, Traveled, Treated, Tripled, Turned

Unified, Uncovered, Understood, Unraveled, Updated, Understudied, Upgraded, Utilized

Verbalized, Vended, Visited, Verified

Waged, Wrote, Weighed, Won, Widened, Worked

There is no magical formula for writing the perfect resume, but with the use of the right words, you can better highlight your skills and convey your abilities that would prove useful for the job vacancy that need to be filled.