Our House  

JCP 40

I had planned an industry-specific message for my blog this week, but tragedy struck the Joseph Chris Partners family this weekend, and I wanted to share my feelings about all of it

At 5 a.m. Saturday morning, my phone rang.  I knew something was wrong, but nothing prepared me for what I would hear when I answered that call:  through her sobs, one of my long-time JCP team members shared with shock and sadness that she’d just lost her husband.

My heart sank for her.  This employee has been with our company for over a decade. I have heard so many stories about her children’s successes, her worries, her life situations and just every-day stuff that you learn about someone working with them for as long as we’ve worked together.  She gives her all every day to make sure she does what she can to make our team successful.  She can’t sit still and is vigilant about getting the job done right, whatever that job might be.  If you need anything, she is there for you, no matter how many other responsibilities she may be juggling at the time.

She is more than just an employee; she is my family.

And I quickly realized I wasn’t the only one who felt that way about her.  After hearing the tragic news, the JCP army mobilized to help her and her own family.  Within hours, we had collected money, food, and cards filled with love to deliver to her.  Joseph Chris Partners’ reaction spoke volumes to me about the power of team.

When a situation like this happens in our house, we take action.  We not only had an outpouring of love but we also had an outpouring of support from the team.  Everyone from the most tenured in our company to the newest member of the team has rallied, volunteering to give up their vacation time so she didn’t have to worry about returning to work before she was ready, donating money and buying groceries even when they had their own financial stresses, making time for her even when time was scarce, and offering emotional support and counsel.

She is family!  She is one of us! We take care of our own! It reminded me how blessed I am to have such an incredible team.    We have togetherness.  We are family, we have unity.  We get in the trenches for one another.  Humanity… Love!  The old sayings that “no one messes with our family” and “no one stands alone” really does exude in our company.

I am so grateful to work with a group that is there for one another.

Just to be a little real and open with all of you, I do not have kids, but I have been blessed with an amazing family:  my parents, my brother’s family, my four-legged family members, and my team mean everything to me.  They are my reason each and every day that I am on a mission to perform at my best.  I wake up thinking about them, and they are in my prayers each night.

Like most bosses, I may not do everything right all the time and I could be a better leader at times, but I will stand for them always like a deep-rooted tree that will not move in the worst of bad weather.   Hopefully they know that they are part of a work family that will always be here for them.

I talk to people every day about their jobs.  I learn about what makes them happy, what keeps them in a job or what drives them to leave.  And one of the biggest influences on their happiness is whether or not they feel like they’re part of a team, whether they matter, whether the people they work with appreciate them.

And with each of those conversations, I feel more and more blessed to be working with such amazing people who care so much for each other.  And I know because we have that, we can all accomplish anything, together.

That’s how it works in our house.

And I couldn’t be prouder.