PCBC Ponderings

What an awesome week attending the PCBC conference! As I mull over the happenings, the main point of my discussions had a resounding theme – the talent shortage plaguing our industry. This is clearly not an earth shattering statement by any means but every now and then there is solace in knowing it’s not just you! While there is much to do to relieve the labor pressures, I am a huge believer in the innovative and passionate leaders who will continue to positively impact the builder world. There were 40 of these leader types honored during the Professional Builder Under 40 Executive Summit. Among the brilliant list of professionals, I am particularly extra proud of Aaron Roan of Inspired Homes and Kevin Oakley with Do You Convert. While Aaron and Kevin differ greatly in background and skill set expertise, each possess a compelling similarity – passion for the industry and a true interest in creating positive change in their personal and professional worlds.


I cannot imagine the first ever group of PCBC speakers, exhibitors and attendees could have fathomed how far along we are within today’s technology world. So much has evolved just within the last 10 years let alone 50+ years’ time lapse. Prior to the 2008 downturn there were no iPads, Siri, Uber or Airbnb and say it isn’t so – the selfie-stick! Tech-focused sales and marketing initiatives and strategies are an enormous factor in today’s business with company culture and branding (internal and external) having a significant impact on the bottom line. Much to absorb but thankfully the industry possesses many amazing gurus specializing within this emerging and ever-changing world to offer insight and ideas.

As the conference wrapped up and I headed back home I found myself feeling very thankful for the relationships formed over nearly 18 years and excited about those yet to come. You just cannot find better people than those in our industry!