A Portrait in Strength: A Tribute to Founder Victoria Ramirez

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s hard to miss with all the pink everywhere, and it’s amazing how many people and organizations have mobilized to work towards early detection and cure of this disease that women have a 1 in 8 chance of getting.

And in looking around at the people I know personally who have battled the disease, I feel like it’s even higher. It seems women are getting diagnosed younger and younger, and tragically, dying younger and younger as well.


VictoriaWe at Joseph Chris Partners are extremely grateful that our founder, Victoria Ramirez, won her battle with breast cancer. Victoria co-founded our company back in 1977 with her husband, Joe Ramirez, in the garage of their first house. Our President and CEO remembers helping her mom stuff envelopes with materials about the company when she was just a young girl. Being raised in a family driven to succeed through hard work, determination, and a “never give up” attitude, and witnessing her mother’s contributions to Joseph Chris Partners made Veronica Ramirez the woman and leader she is today.

Veronica has always been very close to her family, and her mother, particularly. So when they received the news in 2015 that Victoria had breast cancer, Veronica was, understandably devastated. Her sweet and precious mom who has always been a fighter was now in for the fight of her life, and Veronica was ready to be with her every step of the way, from initial diagnosis to surgery and treatment and to finally, the day when Victoria rang that bell signifying she was cancer free!

Victoria knew she would beat it. She used the same hard work, the same determination, the same “never give up” attitude that she used to help create a very successful business to attack her attacker and win the war with cancer.
She was one of the lucky ones, and with more support and awareness, we hope someday soon, everyone who receives that diagnosis will ring the bell the way Victoria did. There are so many resources available to help share information on early detection and treatment of this disease. A quick Google search will lead you to that information, but the Komen Foundation has a helpful list of places to turn for help with things like questions to ask your doctor, and a glossary of breast cancer terms here: https://ww5.komen.org/AboutBreastCancer/ToolsandResources/ToolsResources.html

Victoria was vigilant about early detection and sought medical help right away. It saved her life. So we’re thankful for all of the resources available to encourage people to stay vigilant about their own health, be aware of warning signs, and get to a doctor if you suspect anything might be wrong.

This month, we celebrate Victoria and other survivors, we stand with those presently fighting breast cancer and their loved ones, and we remember those who have lost people dear to them to the disease. Our hope is that Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be something our children and grandchildren just read about because we’ve finally made this cancer history!!