Real Estate Assistant Job Description Examples

As the U.S. economy continues to progress, the real estate industry is expected to bounce back in the coming months and even years. That said, real estate agents and companies will be expecting more transactions and paperwork which will be requiring help from efficient real estate assistants. This is the perfect job for any individual wanting to enter the business and learn the ropes of the industry.

Real estate assistants mostly take care of administrative work and as their title suggests, they assist real estate agents. Hourly compensation can start at $15 an hour plus around 2% of the real estate agent’s commission. Not a measly salary, considering the training and experience that goes with it. Also, one can either be an unlicensed or licensed real estate assistant with some limitations in allowable duties for the former, with requirements focusing more on general office skills. Other preferred qualifications include, but are not limited to knowledge in graphic design, computer literacy and organizational and people skills.

Here are some of the duties an unlicensed real estate administrative assistant can do:

Assist At An Open House

Handing brochures and referring potential buyers to the point person are some of the things he or she is allowed to do. The assistant can never discuss and negotiate about the property. Moreover, he or she cannot perform open house duties without the knowledge and presence of the real estate agent or an authorized person representing the real estate firm. However, by virtue of an authorization and approval from the responsible person, an unlicensed real estate assistant can distribute and disseminate information about a property.

Process Documentation

This involves data entry and preparing the documents which are to be prepared by the real estate agent. Other duties included are delivery and pick up of these documents to and from other authorized agents other than the designated real estate agent, so long as it is permitted by the firm.

Deliver Documents To Sellers And Buyers

After all the documents like deed of sale, receipts, copy of title are signed and have been reviewed by the responsible person or broker, an assistant of the agent can deliver these pertinent documents to the buyer or seller without disclosing any information and/or giving personal opinion about the transaction.

Perform Duties Related To The Concerned Property

A real estate assistant can design and create brochures of the property to be put in the market as well as other printed materials such as flyers, and be responsible to advertise through newspapers and online as long as the responsible real estate broker approves. Additional responsibilities include putting and removing the sign on the property itself as well as supervising and facilitating repairs of the property to be sold as long as it is directed by the real estate broker.

Get Information With Written Instructions

It is also allowable for a real estate assistant to obtain information about a certain property from title companies, appraisers, banks, surveyors and public record agencies provided an authorization and written instruction prepared and signed by the responsible real estate broker.

Carry Out Bank Transactions And Recording

With the supervision and authorization from the real estate broker and the real estate company, whichever the case may be, the unlicensed real estate assistant can receive and deposit funds in behalf of the responsible person and/or company. This also includes books and records.

Four Specific Roles of a Real Estate Assistant

As a Transaction Coordinator

  • From beginning the contract up to closing, it is the duty of a real estate assistant to provide follow up calls to clients and give assistance on the first, third and 4th month after closing, if home improvement is recommended as well as ask for referrals.
  • It is also his or her duty to oversee transactions between the buyer and seller starting from signing of purchasing agreement up to closing as well as coordinate, attend and set a schedule for closing.
  • All the processes within the transaction like escrow, title, appraisal and mortgage loan will be coordinated by the assistant as well as ensuring there is regular communication among involved persons, including agents, lender, title officer, clients and purchasers.
  • He or she is also responsible for the coordination of inspection and completion of repairs of the property as well as negotiate for the costs of the repairs.
  • If the property used to be the residence of the buyer, the real estate assistant can also assist with the moving out of the buyers.
  • It is also part of the duties of this job to input information of the clients in a database for record and reference purposes as well as forward pertinent documents to the broker for file compliance.

As a Marketing Director

  • Be responsible of the marketing of properties to be put on sale which include managing and updating a real estate agent’s website, listings and social media accounts related to the business. This also includes seeking or asking testimonials from clients for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the broker’s website to build the personal brand of the said agent.
  • For advertisement purposes, the assistant is expected to prepare printed materials like flyers and brochures as well as other materials for marketing, using traditional and online advertising. This includes ensuring videos of properties are uploaded on the website as well as in other social media platforms.
  • He or she is also required to have knowledge in computers and the internet since being an assistant requires tracking and monitoring of marketing leads, including feedback from website visitors as well as inquiries.
  • Prepare and regularly update consultation packages provided by the real estate agent for potential clients.
  • For presentation events and open houses, part of the responsibilities of this job is coordination and preparation for the success of these activities.

As Administrative Manager

  • On the administrative responsibilities of this position, a real estate assistant can function as an administrative manager, thus, is expected to be on top of the administrative tasks needed to be accomplished in running the agent’s business.
  • Systems administration and management related to buyers and sellers, including maintenance and update of the client database. Additionally, he or she can also be responsible for the marketing aspect which covers tracking and following up generation leads.
  • On the financial aspect of a real estate agent’s business, a real estate administrative assistant will also be required to maintain and keep records and books, be on top of the accounting system, including preparation or reviewing financial statements as well as perform bank transactions and oversee the budget, business credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Purchase of office equipment and supplies can also be under the job description of a real estate assistant.
  • When it comes to human resource, the agent can also ask his or her assistant to oversee the recruiting, training and hiring of employees in the firm as well as create and keep the company operation’s manual up-to-date.
  • As an administrative manager, the assistant sees to it that the agent is able to perform only the activities accorded to a real estate agent, which include showing property to potential buyers, negotiating contracts and lead generation as well as listing the property.

As a Listing Manager

  • Responsibilities of a listing manager require the real estate assistant to be knowledgeable of the on-going transaction of the seller with the buyer, from the time the purchase agreement is prepared to its execution.
  • It is also part of an assistant’s job description to prepare all materials for the property listing including pre-listing presentation, disclosure of sellers, comparative market analysis, profile property and previous listings, if any.
  • Be able to obtain and secure documents, including listing documents and disclosures, ensuring all are signed by the proper persons.
  • Obtain feedback from and coordinate with interested people on showings as well as informing seller of the outcome of all showings and relay the compiled feedback.
  • Work alongside sellers regarding repairs and cleaning needed before putting the property on the listing, photos of the property as well as placement of signage.