Reflections on 20 Years of Recruiting in Homebuilding

Yesterday marked my 20-year anniversary of recruiting in the Homebuilding industry for Joseph Chris Partners.  I always say I was taught by the best, my father, Joe Chris Ramirez.

The recruiting industry has given me so much joy these last two decades for the following reasons:

  1. Learning from the future leaders, legends and consultants of our industry with every conversation that I have. The more calls I make the more that I learn, grow and can contribute to others.
  2. Gaining the trust of professionals looking for advice and placement for their career path as well as those looking to hire the best talent for their company. To me, there is no greater responsibility, and I do not take that trust lightly.
  3. Providing support to, and helping to influence the direction of, the fastest growing builders/developers in the country as well as having an impact on local builders where each hire is of immense importance. I love working with each type of client, large or small.  I appreciate that I can choose companies I respect to partner with. Those in the industry trust that I will be introducing them to good companies and companies trust me to bring them good people.
  4. Being a person of influence within my own company and watching the team at Joseph Chris Partners grow professionally and personally. Their success and “the how” they get there means so much to me.  We have amazing recruiters and an outstanding administration team.  I am grateful and fortunate.
  5. Being able to carry my father’s legacy forward. There is no greater pride and honor that I could have.  My mother and father came from humble means and their work ethic, will power and focus on customer service was instilled within me.   I am extremely grateful that they taught me to appreciate the grind and the discipline… the journey for success and focus on “the how” to get there.

Advice that I would give other recruiters to have a lengthy career of trust, value and success:

  1. Have the right intentions!  Lead with your heart, knowledge and experience.  Leave “closing the deal” as important but not in the forefront.   My philosophy is “focus on activity and doing the right thing with ease and grace and money will come from the sky.”
  2. Know your clients and potential employees for those clients well. Spend time with them, know what is their truth is.  Focus on the right fit for both.  Tenure in your placements is extremely important.
  3. Be honest. Tell your clients and potential employees to those clients the truth about what they would be receiving and walking in to.  During the interviewing process share the areas that they need to dive deeper into and the areas of greatness.  The more honest you are the better the fit and tenure of the hire.
  4. Have a sense of urgency. When clients call you, they are already feeling the pain.  When we take on a search, we are making a commitment to our client that their need is in our daily plan.
  5. Study your industry. As stated above, the more you know about your niche the more that you can support your clients and separate yourself from other recruiters in the industry.

I can’t believe 20 years has flown by so fast.  While we’ve certainly seen innovation in our industry over that time, nothing can replace our ability to really connect with our candidates and our clients, and I’m proud of our traditions here at Joseph Chris Partners that make us one of our industry’s greats.  I’ve worked very hard to get where I am, and I feel blessed every day that I found this path.  Joseph Chris Partners is my life’s work, my passion.  It really is true that when you work hard for something you don’t care about it’s just stress, but when you love what you do, you never really work a day in your life!