How to Deal with Clients who Procrastinate

We all know it is taking longer and longer for hiring managers to fill direct-hire positions in their “search for the perfect candidate.”
It is also well known that recruiters typically do not get paid until the candidate has been placed and/or started; therefore obviously impacting
the recruiter in a negative way. And according the Recruiter Training Center, companies that drag their feet on the hiring process are hurting themselves as well.

There is a perception that candidates are so desperate for jobs that they will jump through any hoop to get one. The truth be known; candidates will not wait forever and companies need to understand that. The companies are risking good candidates by doing this and they’re losing them…we see this happen all the time.

It has been noted that if the entire process takes over four weeks, the candidate will then move onto the next opportunity without ever looking back.  As recruiters, it is up to us to speed this process along:

1) Set the expectation up front by advising the client of market conditions and get them
to give you an estimated timeframe before taking the job search on.
2) Be so bold to include the time frame in your contract.
3) If the client has an interest in a candidate but isn’t sure and really wants to wait on the
“perfect candidate”, offer the candidate on a contract basis. Kind of like a “try before you buy”
concept where they can evaluate the performance of the candidate before they commit to a direct
The client may very well come to realize that they had the perfect candidate all along.

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