January Producer of the Month

Congratulations to Cecile Pichon, our Producer of the Month for January!

August Producer of the Month

Congratulations to Senior Partner Cecile Pichon, Joseph Chris Partners’ August Producer of the Month!

July Employee of the Month

Carolyn Morrison

Congratulations to Senior Partner Carolyn Morrison, Joseph Chris Partners’ July Employee of the Month!

July Producer of the Month

Angie Truitt

Congratulations to Senior Partner Angie Truitt, Joseph Chris Partners’ July Producer of the Month!

April Producer of the Month

Congratulations to Executive Partner Claire Spence, Joseph Chris Partners Producer of the Month for April! 

April Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Senior Recruiter, Liz Powell, for being chosen as April’s Employee of the Month here at Joseph Chris Partners! Liz Powell


When you ask Google “How to Write a Resume?”, within 0.50 seconds you will have 310,000,000 resources at your fingertips to confuse you even more. Over my almost 6 years with Joseph Chris Partners as a Senior Recruiter I have been able to narrow down the answer to one very simple question. “What are your bonuses, pay raises, and promotions based on?”

Think back to your last job performance review or evaluation.  Those successes are what you want to highlight in your resume. How do you compare to your peers and colleagues in similar roles? What makes you stand out?  If you were a cashier at your local grocery store would you describe your position as “I scan groceries for prices and collect payments from customers” or would you say “Compared to the average cashier, I have the fastest lines in the store, moving 50% more customers through the lines”?


This is an actual email I sent to a candidate who had all the experience my client was looking for in an employee, but his resume read like a boring job description.  Some information has been changed to protect the candidate’s identity.

[Candidate], I’m going to give you some constructive criticism.  Your resume does not serve you justice.  Remember all the specific numbers and projects you mentioned in our phone call?  Those should be mentioned in your resume. Hiring Managers like to see numbers and measurable data rather than an interpretation of your job description.  It’s common knowledge in the industry what a Production Manager does. They want to see what made you exceptional at your job. What did you do that was above and beyond what an average Production Manager would do? Numbers, volume, special assignments, etc. are the things that make the Hiring Manager say “I need to interview this candidate ASAP”.

Imagine if you ran into your favorite High School teacher today and was excited to tell them about all the things you have accomplished so far in your career.  Would you tell them that you “lead budget review meetings with clients” or would you tell them you worked for a large public home builder who was pushing out 3000 homes a year, and you were responsible for organizing all their processes during the buyout in a new major city?

Being able to paint a picture of your measurable successes in your job performance makes the hiring manager more excited to call you back and learn more about how you may benefit their company.

Now go rewrite your resume then send it to me so I can help you climb the corporate ladder and earn more money!

March Producer of the Month

Congratulations to Executive Partner Mark Hall, Joseph Chris Partners’ March Producer of the Month! #josephchrispartners #JCProckstars

Mark Hall

March Employee of the Month

Congratulations to the Joseph Chris Partners Employee of the Month for March, Partner Derise Bunn!  And no, we’re not recycling the post from last month.  Derise won back-to-back awards in February and March!!  #josephchrispartners #JCProckstars

Derise Rodriguez-Bunn

February Producer of the Month

February’s Producer of the Month at Joseph Chris Partners is Senior Partner Angie Truitt!


Angie Truitt