December Employee of the Month

Congratulations to CEO/President Veronica Ramirez, December’s Employee of the Month!

Happy Boss’s Day, Veronica!

Happy Bosses Day Veronica!

Video Interview Tips with Team JCP

If you’re interviewing for jobs these days, you’ve no doubt experienced a video interview.  Here are some tips from the team at Joseph Chris Partners to help you prepare for your next one!

Expanding your universe

If you are not fully utilizing your social media networks to expand your universe, you are missing a huge opportunity.  These tips from CEO and President Veronica Ramirez will help you to do just that! 

To stay or not to stay: that is the question.

It’s no secret that we are seeing a shortage of proven talent within the real estate development and construction industries in many skill sets.  At a time when we need people/talent the most,  professionals are seriously questioning whether to make a change because of the timing of the economy, timing in our industry and timing in their own lives.

“Is it time to make a move in my career?” These thoughts, nerves, doubts are making it more difficult today to recruit proven, successful talent for open positions due to growth or vacancy.

Many clients are forced to promote people who aren’t ready to take on more responsibility because of the talent shortage, and starting a leadership program within companies won’t grow the talent fast enough to fill the needs.

In my practice, I speak daily with and recruit Vice Presidents, Division and Regional Presidents and professionals in Corporate level roles. Professionals are asking themselves “should I stay or should I go?” for a few reasons:

  1.  Recent builder acquisitions. Executives who are open to considering opportunities or desire that next step in their career are asking themselves, “Am I going to a builder that is gobbling or one that will be gobbled?” Since company CEO’s or Corporate CFO’s cannot share this information, professionals are left to the worry about the rumors and, therefore, may choose to stay rather than risk being the last person hired when a company is “gobbled.”  People do not want to be the less tenured in this case because some say the purchaser will keep most of their own team if in the same market. So be honest with interested candidates. It still may prevent someone taking a position with your company but at least you stayed true to what you know. Also know, even if it doesn’t feel like the case, builders are starting to interview all candidates in like roles within that market seriously so they can build the next best team.
  2. The next downturn.   Those of us who survived the last downturn always have our eye on the future, looking for signs that it may happen again.  While economic indicators are still very strong, professionals want to ensure they’re working for a company that isn’t in danger of going under if it does happen, either because of their financial situation or land holdings.  But professionals need to remember that the people working at the company they’re interviewing with likely survived the last downturn as well, and everyone in our industry made adjustments to their financial forecasting, land strategy, and processes to weather that storm should it arrive.  They are making hiring decisions based on long-term, not just short-term, growth projections.
  3. Counteroffers.  When people are hard to find, companies do what they can to keep the good people they have.  So companies making offers should expect counteroffers each and every time.  And to prevent the professional from staying put, companies should make their first offer their best offer.  The days of negotiating back and forth to save a few bucks are long gone.  If you don’t demonstrate to a candidate their value to you right off the bat, you can bet their existing company will, and you’ve lost valuable time in your search to fill that role.  It helps to have consultants like Joseph Chris Partners in on the formulation of offers so you can offer competitively based on market conditions and competition.

Our industry will always have mergers and acquisitions and there will be lay-offs during any economic slow down we experience. But that should not stop a strong professional from accepting a new role, proving their worth, and moving up the ladder.  If the opportunity is a great one, the company has the culture people thrive in, the team is strong and collaborative, then the normal things that affect our industry should not keep a professional from taking on a new position.

Joseph Chris Partners can help you with your search for the right professional, and we can help them answer “should I stay or should I go” in your favor!

Reflections on 20 Years of Recruiting in Homebuilding

Yesterday marked my 20-year anniversary of recruiting in the Homebuilding industry for Joseph Chris Partners.  I always say I was taught by the best, my father, Joe Chris Ramirez.

The recruiting industry has given me so much joy these last two decades for the following reasons:

  1. Learning from the future leaders, legends and consultants of our industry with every conversation that I have. The more calls I make the more that I learn, grow and can contribute to others.
  2. Gaining the trust of professionals looking for advice and placement for their career path as well as those looking to hire the best talent for their company. To me, there is no greater responsibility, and I do not take that trust lightly.
  3. Providing support to, and helping to influence the direction of, the fastest growing builders/developers in the country as well as having an impact on local builders where each hire is of immense importance. I love working with each type of client, large or small.  I appreciate that I can choose companies I respect to partner with. Those in the industry trust that I will be introducing them to good companies and companies trust me to bring them good people.
  4. Being a person of influence within my own company and watching the team at Joseph Chris Partners grow professionally and personally. Their success and “the how” they get there means so much to me.  We have amazing recruiters and an outstanding administration team.  I am grateful and fortunate.
  5. Being able to carry my father’s legacy forward. There is no greater pride and honor that I could have.  My mother and father came from humble means and their work ethic, will power and focus on customer service was instilled within me.   I am extremely grateful that they taught me to appreciate the grind and the discipline… the journey for success and focus on “the how” to get there.

Advice that I would give other recruiters to have a lengthy career of trust, value and success:

  1. Have the right intentions!  Lead with your heart, knowledge and experience.  Leave “closing the deal” as important but not in the forefront.   My philosophy is “focus on activity and doing the right thing with ease and grace and money will come from the sky.”
  2. Know your clients and potential employees for those clients well. Spend time with them, know what is their truth is.  Focus on the right fit for both.  Tenure in your placements is extremely important.
  3. Be honest. Tell your clients and potential employees to those clients the truth about what they would be receiving and walking in to.  During the interviewing process share the areas that they need to dive deeper into and the areas of greatness.  The more honest you are the better the fit and tenure of the hire.
  4. Have a sense of urgency. When clients call you, they are already feeling the pain.  When we take on a search, we are making a commitment to our client that their need is in our daily plan.
  5. Study your industry. As stated above, the more you know about your niche the more that you can support your clients and separate yourself from other recruiters in the industry.

I can’t believe 20 years has flown by so fast.  While we’ve certainly seen innovation in our industry over that time, nothing can replace our ability to really connect with our candidates and our clients, and I’m proud of our traditions here at Joseph Chris Partners that make us one of our industry’s greats.  I’ve worked very hard to get where I am, and I feel blessed every day that I found this path.  Joseph Chris Partners is my life’s work, my passion.  It really is true that when you work hard for something you don’t care about it’s just stress, but when you love what you do, you never really work a day in your life!


I am excited to announce that for the second year in a row Joseph Chris Partners has been ranked by Forbes as one of AMERICA’S BEST RECRUITING FIRMS. Since my parents Joe and Victoria started our company back in 1977, we always strive for excellence in all areas of our business. It is, of course, an honor to make the list, along with so many respected companies, and we here at JCP appreciate all the clients we’ve consulted with to help them build their teams and the candidates who trusted us to help them take the steps in their careers.

As CEO and President, I am very proud of our team that works hard to continue the legacy my parents began over 40 years ago. People make companies great, and I am thankful every day for the people on the Joseph Chris Partners team.

Congratulations to our friends in the industry who were recognized as well.

Now, back to the phones!

Veronica Ramirez