How to Set Employee Retention Objectives

Employee retention is something every business should care about. Although having a prized employee leave for other reasons (such as moving to a different place or choosing to pursue a different career path) is quite normal, you want to hold on to them for as long as possible. Most companies do well with attracting and […]

6 Employee Retention Management Tips

Every business wants to keep their best employees, and in an increasingly competitive world, that’s becoming harder to do. But even in such conditions, is there a way to lower employee turnover? Employee Retention Is Possible Keeping employees is becoming a critical issue in today’s workplace. There is so much competition that it’s become normal […]

How to Start an Employee Mentoring Program

A mentoring program is an effective method to achieve several goals of the organization as to the direction of success. It is practiced by companies for several reasons, from new hire acclimation to the operations of the company to leadership and management development. Moreover, it is cost-effective since is inexpensive as opposed to hiring external […]

Company Employee Retention Strategies That Work

One of the driving forces behind the success of an organization or company is its pool of performing employees, making it imperative for management to reduce the number of its best employees leaving the company. Employee retention is also one of the most challenging aspects of keeping an organization running smoothly. That said, it is […]

8 Ways to Improve Company Recruitment Process

The success of a company largely depends on the kind of employees it has. Efficient, dedicated and highly engaged employees are the types of people successful businesses need in their team. The recruitment or hiring process is the most important step business owners should take to select the right people for their organizations. If this […]

Benefits of Work Life Balance for Employees and Employers

Balancing work and personal life is one of the challenges employees face and struggle with. Luckily, more and more organizations are implementing best practices when it comes to achieving work life balance for their employees. This is because they know that doing so will be beneficial not only to their staff but also to their […]

Benefits of Staff Development

Business owners spend thousands of dollars for advertisements and marketing to thrive in the industries to belong to. However, not all corporations and players know the importance of staff development and training, factors that are often overlooked. Investing in continuing education and team training offers numerous benefits not only to employees but to organizations as […]

15 Strong Personality Characteristics

Personality traits represent the characteristics or qualities that embody an individual. They are the habitual patterns of one’s behavior, emotions and temperament. On the other hand, skills are the learned capacity for one to carry out specific tasks and are the talents or competencies he has to perform some tasks and accomplish things. These proficiencies […]

How to Be a Good Co-Worker

When you have worked in various companies, whether big or small, you would learn to know the difference between dedicated employees, who are in for the long haul, and temporary individuals, who would move on at their chosen time. And from these groups, you will be able to identify those who keep their commitment based […]

10 Popular Causes of Low Employee Morale

Most certainly, employee morale is one of the most important, but most difficult, things to manage in a company. It is vital to attain and maintain a high level of morale to improve retention, but it is often difficult to have an accurate idea on how you people are feeling and what are the causes […]

How Important is Cover Letter

As most (if not all) of us know, a resume or CV is very important when we are searching for a job. However, it is not necessarily the most important among all the requirements you need to present in the application process. As you can see, the cover letter is also essential. What Is a […]

60 Second Elevator Pitch Examples

Elevator pitch is defined as short summary or description of a product, idea, business or proposal. In the corporate world, it is also termed as the 60-second elevator pitch. Say, you are in the elevator with the CEO of the company you are applying for. Imagine having to tell him or her about yourself, what […]

How to Improve Employee Communication

In any relationship, be it personal or business, effective communication is crucial. However, this aspect is often overlooked by managers and business owners. Thousands of dollars are being spent by companies for in-house trainings and team buildings and these are on top of scholarships for continuing education offered by some organizations because they believe in […]

9 Important Benefits of Employee Recognition

Employees are key players in the success of any business or organization. If your employees are effective and performing, they are productive. CEOs and executives know that productivity can lead to more sales and profit. With this in mind, employers should work on making their employees feel appreciated. Employee recognition is a crucial investment in […]

How to Deal with a Workaholic Boss

Having a workaholic boss is not at all that bad, especially if you are passionate about your job and starting early in your career. In fact, this is even an opportunity for you to learn the ropes of the industry. Moreover, you can benefit from your boss’ expertise and experience because workaholic bosses are often […]

What is the Value of Teamwork

While it is healthy to have a certain degree of friendly competition among your employees, your business will generate profit the most when everyone in it is working together smoothly as a team. Encouraging the members of your staff to focus on a common goal, collaborate and emphasize the value of teamwork will maximize their […]

10 Best Staff Retention Strategies

A survey conducted by Watson Wyatt revealed an alarming statistics, which is more than 50% of employers had no formal strategy for retaining employees. On the other hand, a 2008 survey by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics shows that employers demonstrating value to their employees and placing practices and policies that reflect effective retention strategies, […]

10 Benefits of Professional Development

The budget for professional development and training would always be one of the first things when a company or an organization chooses to cut costs, but the truth is, this practice is counterproductive and costly. Do you ask why? Well, put in mind that professional development can help business owners and managers with attracting and […]

How to Conduct a Good Interview

When it comes to being a head hunter or a HR executive, your job largely depends on selecting the best candidate for a certain position. Moreover, how comfortable or nervous you make the applicant can either allow a potential employee to pass or fail the interview. All these factors will come to play when you […]

10 Best Professional Networking Tips

Networking is equally important to building your professional career as it is essential to establishing your business. Whether you are a freelance designer or an architect who wants to make it to the industry, it definitely calls for some business networking skills. Moreover, when it comes to business, it matters to know people. This is […]