How to Recognize Employees

Your employees are the pillars of your business and it is but proper to recognize their efforts. Moreover, showing them your appreciation for their performance will not only make them happy. This will also keep them engaged and content to be part of your company. Consequently, you will have loyal and productive members of your […]

How to Improve Employee Engagement

Employers can no longer afford to be blind to the feelings of their employees. Even though the job market is tough, studies have shown that some workers won’t hesitate to quit when they find they are being treated unfairly. It’s even worse when it’s your best worker who leaves because they feel their work isn’t […]

3 Employee Retention Ideas Used by Top Employers

An employee quitting their current job to look for greener pastures is not entirely surprising – this is what happens in workplaces everywhere. And yes, even the very best employees of an organization will someday say goodbye. In short, you can never really hold someone back from achieving their dreams. Sure, it will be hard […]

Creating the Perfect Employee Onboarding Process

Onboarding, put simply, is a human resource management process that aims to provide more than just a simple orientation for new hires. Through onboarding, new employees are informed of the goals of the company and are supported as they carry out projects – all of this is done so they get the perception of success […]

How to Deal With Competing Priorities

Do you always feel like you have too much to do? Are you constantly feeling exhausted at work? Has the saying “So much to do, so little time” become your life’s motto? If so, you may be struggling with how to deal with competing priorities. Lucky for you, the situation is not a permanent one. […]

5 Best Ways to Recognize Employees

If you’re a business owner or manager, your default mode might be to push your staff to work hard every day. There’s definitely nothing wrong with this because you need to have productive and efficient employees if you want your company to prosper. But here’s what you have to remember: you shouldn’t just stop at […]

5 Great Professional Development Ideas

Many employers focus on pushing their staff to work hard. But, if you own and manage a business, don’t make the same mistake. If you want your employees to become more efficient and productive, you should also invest in their professional development and help them improve their skills and knowledge. This might seem counter-productive at […]

How to Recruit Employees

Maybe you’re starting a new business and need a couple of staff members to help you bring your store or office off the ground. Or perhaps you own an established company that needs to expand and requires several dozen new employees. Either way, you’ll need to learn how to find the right job candidates who’ll […]

Good Interview Questions to Ask Potential Employees

It’s tough to know someone’s abilities just by looking at their resume and asking a few standard questions. Sometimes, it doesn’t really tell who they are or what they are capable of. This is why some managers have turned to “creative” questions like “How many golf balls can you fit in a school bus?” to […]

How Do Staffing Agencies Work

Whether you are an employer looking to fill a temporary position in your business or a candidate seeking a job, even a temporary one, staffing agencies might be able to help you. Also known as temp agencies, they serve as the third party between an employer, who is referred to as the client, and a […]

Second Interview Tips That Will Get You the Job

You got a call back for a second interview for a job position you have been dreaming of. What does this mean? You did well during the first interview and they want to know this time if you are fit for the company. This can be both exciting and challenging at the same time, keeping […]

Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Many people think that employers have it easy, especially when it comes to the hiring process. Unlike job candidates (who have to think fast on their feet and come up with unique, clever, and professional answers), employers only have to ask questions and listen to what the interviewee has to say. However, if you’re a […]

Chief Innovation Officer Job Description Samples

As their job title suggests, a chief innovation officer (CIO) is put in charge of idea generation within a company. They can develop these ideas on their own and they can also accept ideas generated by others. Although their title has the words chief and officer, they do not report to high-level executives. Those are […]

Compliance Auditor Job Description Samples

A compliance audit is defined as an audit that is performed in order to confirm that a company is following terms and agreements or the rules and regulations that are applicable to a particular activity or practice that is prescribed by an external agency or authority. Essentially, it’s a comprehensive review of the adherence of […]

Property Caretaker Job Description Samples

The practice of caretaking can be traced back to the tradition of land maintenance in Britain. A description exists for a caretaker in an 1868 edition of The Times where the job is described as “a person put in charge of a farm from which the tenant has been evicted.” These days, the exact role […]

Production Control Clerk Job Description Samples

A job of a production control clerk falls under a broader category of career that includes production, planning and expediting clerks. As for the clerk himself, he records and compiles production data for record comparison by program managers, generates work orders and reports on production volume, quality control, consumption of material and other aspects of […]

Principal Architect Job Description Samples

A principal architect is a licensed and experienced design professional who usually holds a senior management position at an architectural firm. According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), this individual is often a co-founder or partner of a firm, in which both parties usually have previous experience of working together. It is common for […]

Construction Foreman Job Description Samples

A foreman is employed in various industries but generally their function is similar: they are in charge of planning, organizing and coordinating projects from the beginning towards the end. Usually, they are found in construction and manufacturing industries and this post will focus on the former. Although a foreman’s job is similar to that of […]

Inventory Controller Job Description Samples

As the name suggests, an inventory controller is the person who handles tasks that are related to inventory in a warehouse setting for an organization. His role includes maintaining inventory levels, making monthly inventory reports, recording and labeling inventory items to be used in the future and maintaining accurate records. This professional constantly communicates with […]

Chief Operating Officer Job Descriptions Samples

A chief operating officer (COO) provides the vision, leadership and management needed to make sure that his company is using the appropriate operational controls, people systems, and reporting and administrative procedures in order to effectively grow and ensure operating efficiency and financial strength. Reporting directly to the chief executive officer (CEO), the COO is usually […]