Top Metros are the Basis of Rebuilding

America’s top 100 metropolitan areas create 74 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and house two thirds of our population, according to Bruce Katz writing for Time Magazine. Economic synergies springing from intellectual capital like patents, research institutions, and an educated workforce positions metros to compete globally. Yet, this requires a sustainble model based on more equal-income distribution and a reduced carbon footprint, Katz believes:

With our recovery sluggish and our politics in rancorous free fall, the U.S. is on a desperate search to create jobs in the near term and retool the economy for the long haul. As Dorothy found in The Wizard of Oz, the answers surprisingly lie no farther away than home, or more precisely, the top 100 cities and their environs — the major metros — where most Americans live, work and play.

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