“Why Joseph Chris Partners?” is a question each of us has answered in countless conversations over the more than 40 years Joseph Chris Partners has been in business. And we understand why prospective clients want the answer. Adding leadership talent to your team is a big job. An important job. A job you don’t trust to just anyone. With more and more companies popping up every day, clamoring for the chance to send you resumes, you want assurance that you’re bringing the strongest recruiting partner on board. So we certainly don’t mind telling you why we’ve been successful for the last 40 years, and will continue to be successful in the next 40. In a nutshell, it’s all about relationships. We don’t just have them, we cultivate them, we develop them, we cherish them. And those relationships drive our business connections.

We have the experience. With more than 40 years in business, and being repeatedly recognized by Forbes as one of nation’s Best Recruiting Firms, our industry experience is unparalleled. After successfully connecting over 8000 industry professionals with our clients, we don’t need gimmicky sales pitches to prove our experience. The proof is in the numbers. And with our carefully orchestrated balance of highly-respected, tenured recruiters and rising stars, Joseph Chris Partners’ competitive advantage in this area will continue for years to come.

We speak the language. Having over 40 years’ worth of conversations with people in the real estate development and construction industry, and purposeful and directed education, training and knowledge about that industry, we can talk intelligently with you about what you do and how you do it, the gaps in your leadership team, the best types of candidates to fill those gaps, and how to find them for you.

We listen. Really. We want to understand your history, your gaps, your successes, your leaders, and your vision of your team and company. The more we know, the better we can target the passive candidates who would be attracted to your opportunity, your culture, your operating style, your future growth plans. We strive to be an extension of you in the market, a brand ambassador for your company. To do that, we must learn things from you that we can’t find on your website.

We have the connections. The candidates you want aren’t the ones with their resumes posted on every job board on the internet. They are the professionals who are making a difference for their companies every day, enjoying success, thriving, and they are not looking for jobs. But they will answer the phone when we call because those professionals know us, either personally or by reputation. We foster these relationships from the very first conversation, and we genuinely care about them, their families, and their futures.

We utilize technology. We truly believe relationships are made in conversation, but we equip our team with the newest and best tools that capture and share information and ensure that information is current and reliable. Understanding that most hires need to be made “yesterday,” we have invested in our process so we can deliver the most qualified candidates to you quickly and efficiently.

We love what we do. Truly. Passion drives all of us at Joseph Chris Partners. That’s evident in every single conversation we have. As far as we’ve come, we all recognize that we continue to grow every single day through every single conversation. These relationships we build are meaningful, and finding the right match for candidates and clients is fulfilling for us. Engaging with professionals in our industry every day drives us to learn more and work harder so we can give you the very best we have to offer.


JOSEPH CHRIS PARTNERS…Driving your business with the right connections.